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  1. Hi Melvin, hope youre settled in already and things aint too busy these days! Did you have a chance to see if you can help me with my fokker j sprue thing already? Best wishes, Christof 

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    2. melvyn hiscock
    3. melvyn hiscock

      melvyn hiscock

      Would you have any ideas why Switzerland consider 1/32 Fokker DVII parts offensive?

    4. Xtof P

      Xtof P

      ??? Why did this go to Switzerland in the first place??? And what the heck could be offensive on that? Did they misread Fokker? 🤬😳 Such a shame, I'm right at the building stage where i would need those parts. This must be some brexit-related customs puzzlement i don't understand. Could you try resend it? I'd send you the money for postage of course... thank god it's no perishable goods 🙈. Heres a little pic of my build so far, a little bit too much preshading un the fuselage...


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