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  1. Hi Melvin, hope youre settled in already and things aint too busy these days! Did you have a chance to see if you can help me with my fokker j sprue thing already? Best wishes, Christof 

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    2. Xtof P

      Xtof P

      ...i´ve mastered "the Insert Image from URL" Business now, so heres the Picture from above embedded:



    3. Xtof P

      Xtof P

      By the way, are you still looking for some crosses on your WnW Fokker DVII? I´ve got the ones of the (Fok) "Early" Kit - just need the ones for the swabians, but if the others are of use for you i´ll send them.

    4. Xtof P

      Xtof P

      Hi Melvin, i´ve made a work in progress thread on this build - Maybe you´d like to have a look: 

      Also wrote about you sending me those parts that were rejected by customs! I´d like to tell you that i´ve been really touched by your generousity and helpfulness!! Sincerely yours, Christof

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