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  1. Hello Folks, Clearing my stash of 'poor choice' kits bought of ebay years ago, this one is italeri's 1/48 flogger D, raised panel lines, poor detail and bad fit made for a frustrating build, but i made a rod for my own back when i decided to paint it in colours of No.12 squadron SLAF based at katunayake, no decals available so had to hand paint the lot which did my nut in! Must investigate these 'printable decal sheets' ive heard about. I think i also need to plan my build sequence better as i tend to rush at the end meaning things like undercarriage etc don't get the attention they deserve, anyway here it is, Aires interior, exterior & FOD etched kits were also used, ladder nicked from an old SU22
  2. No, had to cut the nose and engine panel out, wing fold detail is straight out of the box, scratchbuilding? With my hands?
  3. Thanks gents, yes its a tamiya kit, with CM cockpit, enginebay and radar add ons, i still have not mastered realistic metals, i have alclads, but they've never worked for me, canopys also! always a bugbear!
  4. Hello Chaps, just finished this 1/48 skyray, my modelling efforts have dropped off since new job takes me away from home, so making the most of january off. A bit glad to see it finished to be honest, was fed up of it by the end!
  5. That was the idea, but ive no idea if this would happen or not, another drunken moddeling idea im afraid!
  6. Beautiful! Love the Flagon, such a sleek cold war fighter
  7. Eh? Are they designed to be detached and recovered? looks like a chute packed on the front??
  8. excuse my ignorance, but what on earth are those two items on the outer hardpoints?
  9. Thank you all, you're too kind, im a hack at best!!
  10. Hello chaps, Been ages since i've been on here, new job means i work away from home alot, a sad consequence is i get very little time to model : ( So this one was started way last year, its a Hobbyboss 1/48 A-10a, while looking for pics, stumbled on the story of Kim Campbels A-10 which was suffered battle damage on a mission over baghdad on the 7th April 2003, once hit the aircraft lost hydraulics and had to be reverted to fly back manually. Lucky escape indeed! So decided to try modeling this aircraft post damage, problem is the decals were not avialable, so alot of fidley hand painting with squinted eyes and tongue poking out was required! Not my best, and happy to see the back of it! Kit not great either, especially the engines which were poorly modelled. Anyway here it is along with the aircraft itself.
  11. im happy to model it as in the pictures since it will be damaged, canopy open etc as in pics, Hobbyboss kits loadout weapons not very good anyway, even the remaining pod is going to need additional plastic to look like the pod in question
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