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    Aircraft modelling from both world wars, and (very occasionally) little known but remarkable ships. Also WW1 British motor transport.

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  1. I think the kit was the Eduard 1/48 Weekend Edition 8407 Albatros DV. I have this in my stash and colours are red nose and blue everywhere else, depicting a machine from Jasta 15. It does not have the half moon face however, but this is probably because it is a Weekend Edition with only one decal choice. It may be that the Eduard Profipack version (PE & Resin parts) has more decal options. If not, Viking's suggestion of going to Pheon Decals would be in order if you particularly want the half moon face. Jasta 18 and 15 swapped their numbers early 1918. Bob
  2. BZN20, Not really new, just occasional posts. But thanks for the welcome anyway. As to PM: my inbox shows no new messages, so it looks like it's lost. Cheers Bob
  3. bzn20, Which site..go on, give us a clue...
  4. Hi all, I'm still there, not posting as much though. Also the Great war Forum, Airfix Forum, UAMF, WW1aircraft models.com, and ATF. More into WW1 than anything else, although anything else attracts me sometimes. BTW: when can we hope/expect to see a 1/48 RE-8 from somewhere? It's been a loooongwaite since aeroclub did one, I think. Cheers Bob
  5. Willy, Thanks for that! The book is now on my next to buy list. Cheers Bob
  6. Dolphin38 and Graham, Thanks for the pic's and advice. I'll take Graham's advice re the underbelly, bulged windows and winch and see if I can take Dolphin's advice re the nose using the pic's. I'm no expert modeller, but I'll have a go anyhow. Thanks - Much appreciated. Bob
  7. Good post - thanks for the link. Some interesting footage there. Bob
  8. Hi All, I recently (last summer) bagged a bagged issue of the old Airfix Westland Whirlwind HAR Mk I and a Rotorcraft HAS9 conversion set for the Italeri kit. I do not have the Italeri kit but would like to finish the Airfix kit as a HAR10 of 22 Squadron. Would this be possible using the Rotorcraft HAS9 set, or is the HAS9 set completely wrong for the HAR10? What were the visible differences between the two varieties, and if so what do I need to do? I have searched the web but cannot find anywhere that compares the two types. I am already aware of the following alternative conversion sets:
  9. My preferences: RAF D.H. Chipmunk including decals for the "yellow stripe" for the 'fifties, the "dayglo orange" for the 'sixties and the red scheme for the 'seventies. I'd buy all three. Jet Provost III/IV incl. C.F.S. decals Kirby Cadet T31/Mk III GLIDER and a Sedburgh T21 GLIDER, both including yellow stripe and later decals. There be lots of old (very old?) ex-cadets buying them. Cheers, Bob
  10. Hi, Long shot, I know; but here goes: My very first flight, back in my Air Cadet days, was in D.H. Chipmunk WZ864 (Southampton UAS) in June 1965. I think we flew from Shoreham. Sadly, the aircraft was written off on 7th December 1966 after a collision with another Chipmunk (G-ATEA) on the approach. I would like to model this particular aircraft, and here is the question: does anyone here have access to a photo of WZ864, and if not does anyone know for certain whether this particular aircraft was silver and yellow or silver and Day-Glo in 1965? I was more interested in the flight itself th
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