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  1. my personal favourite is the sandtrooper. Same kit as the stormtrooper but with the minor differences plus the backpack. Or there's the A-wing as that has a death star gun tower in it.
  2. looks amazing. Well worth the effort you put into it. A real show stopper, or starter if it's a new hope. I was dubious about this kit when I saw mad monk's at Peterborough last month but I think I will be adding it to my grey army now, Il need a project for the cold wintery night's of July n August n I think this may just be it. Hope I get to see it at a show sometime soon if its safe to travel.
  3. I had them all as a kid n at the time it was the best n only models around so they looked great, sadly after 40 years models have improved a little n we are all spoilt now with what's available. I got a few of them again a couple of years ago n they are pretty dia. Madmonks definitely right though the twin tie set was best even with the iffy base. But star wars is star wars so any kit in your collection from then it a bonus. Iv still got the original Vader's tie I got when it came out unbuilt. I had the sense to get 2n built one strait away but the other was in my parents attic for all this ti
  4. Lol your not the only one GS. I was amazed it arrived so soon, maybe the royal mail are actually starting to work at long last lol. Love the idea of the SD too. Lucky you
  5. ok guys so here they are, from post to posted in 3 days. thanks to Gimme Shelter for letting me have the joy of doing them hope you enjoy the shuttle. http://i1300.photobucket.com/albums/ag89/CRISSIMMO/WP_20170218_17_01_39_Pro_zpscsfprcay.jpg
  6. thanks im definitely going to. Iv got a few of the bandai kits so will get a lighting kit for one of them n have a fiddle. Think Il leave the star destroyer fo now though.
  7. this is all very interesting to me. And a bit daunting too. The last time I lit a kit was the old kit of the falcon before the cutaway version n that was with grain of wheat bulbs back in the late 70s early 80s when it first came out. So this is definitely a feed im gonna follow with interest and a note book. think ok start small though. C-3po maybe. It's the. Fibre optics that scare me. But as the little green muppet said, do or do not , there is no try.
  8. they look amazing Pete. really love the jag based one though.
  9. cheers pete, but shes mine, my precious! lol
  10. Nice job indeed, she may not look much but she's got it where it counts kid. Now she's looking good too.
  11. love the figure. gotta get me one soon.
  12. eventually THE STASH will rule your world. lol
  13. Still looks great for a first attempt. welcome back
  14. Oh dear, June 25th seems so far away, i really cant wait to start but iv promised myself im going to do all the elements in the allotted time. still not decided what they will be though lol.
  15. Sorry then Blastvader, she will be coming with me to hinckley show next weekend so if anyone sees her there stop n say hi. its always nice to put faces to names i think.
  16. thanks all. did anyone see her at peterborough show today?
  17. Hi all, Well shes finished at last. its been a real blast doing the WIP for this build and the figure was a dream to paint and build with only the slight hicup of the dodgy masking tape. For my first Airbrushed figure im very happy with the results. hope you all like her. cheers till next time.
  18. Well shes all done n dusted. so its farewell to the WIP till my next project. once again thank you all for your comments. see the other views in the Ready for inspection section shortly
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