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  1. Thanks for all the comments I really appreciate it. Jaguar it is! That'd definitely be a challenge due to the very temporary whitewash thats applied over the original scheme, but I'd definitely consider it. Time to dig into my Dad's photo collection from Coltishall from the 90's and early 2000's for some reference material.
  2. Nice to see an early 109 and it is completed expertly, the superb photography just enhances this build! Nick
  3. BAe Harrier GR.7 No.1 Squadron - Royal Air Force - Bardufoss Air Station (Ex. Snow Falcon) 2004 1/48 Revell With the vast majority of recent RAF aircraft adorning not so attractive grey on grey schemes, non standard schemes tend to catch the eye. Whilst going through my Dad's images from the early 2000's there are a number of images of white winter camo Jaguar's, Tornados and a few Harriers. Cue a project that I am glad to say I am one model into, recreate a series of winter deployment camo aircraft! The first of which comes from Revell's rebox of the Hasegawa GR7/9 kit. Marked as a 1 Squadron aircraft from the final Harrier deployment to Bardufoss, Norway for Exercise Snow Falcon '04 the aircraft has been finished in the state a lot of my reference shots show during the deployment. Decals were provided by the Model Alliance "Harriers: The First Ten Years" 48-102 and the cockpit was replaced with the Aires GR7 cockpit, annoyingly the canopy fogged a little whilst trying to attach it and so the interior is somewhat obscured, but I am going to play it off as it's cold in Norway and the canopy has glazed over a little Onto the images; Thanks for looking and expect a WIP for the next RAF Winter camouflaged jet at some point, but I'm yet to decide on Jaguar, Tornado or Buccaneer! Nick
  4. Upon re-reading my source on the information, (http://www.verslo.is/baldur/57th_fis/57th.htm) I have indeed confused the AAC for the ADC. So while the ADC was a US based command would a Deuce still be a viable option for this GB seeing as the squadron solely operated in Europe (Iceland) with the F-102A?
  5. Would be tempted by participating in this one, my initial thought would be to go for a 57th FIS F-102A based at NAS Keflavik, Iceland from 1962 throughout the 60's and into the early 70's. However, a little query on whether these aircraft will be eligible ... While not under USAFE command but US based Air Combat Command there lead role was the interception of USSR aircraft in the Greenland, Iceland and the United Kingdom Gap. So would a F-102A be eligible for this GB?
  6. Stunning finish on the 190, fantastic build!
  7. Nice spot! I touched them up at the end of building, and mustn't of given them a flat coat.
  8. Thanks for all of the kind comments, greatly appreciate all of them! Next build is a 1/48 Harrier that will gain a WIP very soon, I'm just awaiting the arrival of an Aires resin cockpit to properly get underway with this build. Unfortunately you're not far off with that!
  9. English Electric Canberra PR.9 No.39 Squadron - Royal Air Force - RAF Marham 2006 1/48 Airfix This is the result of a very long break from the hobby, around 2 years. This break was during my A-Levels and 1st year of University. Now in my second year of uni, I wanted to get back into the hobby. So with the money I earned working over the summer I finally purchased a respectable airbrush a H&S Evolution 2in1 and ditched the cheap Chinese imitation badger airbrush that looking back really gave me trouble! To get back into modelling I went for a relatively simple build the 1/48 Airfix EE Canberra PR.9 that I'd picked up very cheaply a few years back. I am aware of the long list of issues regarding accuracy of the kit but being a come back build it's all OOB, with the addition of my first ever stretch sprue antenna. The model was painted using predominately using Tamiya paints except the underside which made use of Humbrol's acrylic 166. The model was finished as XH135, in it's 2006 scheme prior to retirement. From references XH135 wasn't too grubby as had was repainted on return from it's final deployment to the Middle East earlier in the year, this colour remained behind the cockpit, something I've attempted to capture. Weathering was carried out using my own pastel washes. Onto the images; Thanks for looking, Nick
  10. Parabat, thanks for the link, I had found that link just last night, great build isn't it? Hopefully mine will end up looking something near that standard.
  11. Finally pushed on with this one, getting the model pretty much up to a stage ready for painting, I only have the outer wing sections to add and a few larger external detail parts. So since last update I have, made up the turbines for the inside of the model, sprayed metallic and just dirtied up a bit, to be honest they wont really be seen. With the turbines completed, I have joined the two fuselage halves then added the tail planes and the front section, which has also gained the nose cone. The paint scheme is being changed from a Norm 72 airframe to a Norm 81 aircraft, after my Dad checked his shots from the 80's. The airframe will still be a Dissimalar Air Combat Training aircraft with high visibility rudder, tail planes, wing tips and front nose gear, much like this shot. Only problem now is sourcing 1/32nd decals for Norm 81 camo. Anyway on with the pictures; Turbines Front fuselage and nose Front fuselage seam with main fuselage (at far right of photo), and cockpit And two pictures showing the progress so far The two rear wheel bays have been sprayed white and detailed, but are covered ready for the main painting of the model For now have got the sub assemblies to start such as the armaments, air intakes and landing gears
  12. With exams out of the way have been able to press forward with the Phantom, I have fitted the cockpit tub within the front fuselage halves and fitted the under side which also holds the front wheel well. Using a mixture of super glue and filler have filled in the gap between the two sections. Finally, I have painted the the HUD area gloss black. http://www.flickr.com/photos/plane-thommo/8420790600/'> http://www.flickr.com/photos/plane-thommo/8420790320/'> http://www.flickr.com/photos/plane-thommo/8420789558/'> Hopefully will get the internal parts of the engines made and painted up in metallic paints. MPaul, as my Dad saw a Luftawffe DACT Phantom, he is pushing me in that direction and so I will stick with the Norm 72 with red tail rudder
  13. In the comments following my first post of the1/48 Westland Lynx AH7, there was a request to post my other builds from the past year since I have had my airbrush. Personally, not happy with all of these, but only small details that I only notice when I have a detailed look. So in order of completion (old to new) starting with a Keflavik F-15C. My first build with an Airbrush, Scribing Tool and Weathering Wash (Oct 2011) - Went a bit overboard with the wash and scriber so a very heavy panel wash, that i'm unhappy with but oh well. Aircraft Modelled - 80-0042, part of 57 FIS, USAFE based at NAS Keflavik, on QRA Kit - Italeri 1/72 F-15C Eagle Paints - Vallejo Model Air/ Tamiya Acrylics Extras - DACO/ Astra Decals 1/72 "Reykjavik Eagles" Simple OOB Su-25 - mainly to work on freehand airbrushing and weathering (Mar 2012) Aircraft Modelled - Red 25 of the Soviet Air Force, based at Bagram as part of the Afghanistan War in 1988 Kit - Revell 1/72 Su-25 Frogfoot Paints - Vallejo Model Air/ Tamiya Acrylics My first scratchbuilding in the form of engine covers and first use of Photo-Etch (June 2012) Aircraft Modelled - Red 11 of 149th GuBR, 600th AB Kazakh Air Force, based at Zhetygen Kit - Zvezda 1/72 Su-24 Fencer Paints - Vallejo Model Air/ Tamiya Acrylics/ Xtracrylix Extras - Airwaves 1/72 Cockpit Photo-Etch - Begemont Su-24 Fencer Family decals Another build with a few scratchbuilt details to convert it to export FGA.79 specs (large white aerial and wire bar aerial on underside), (Oct 2012) Aircraft Modelled - L280 of the Lebanese Air Force, based at Rayak AFB. Kit - Revell 1/72 Hawker Hunter FGA.9 converted to FGA.79 export version Paints - Tamiya Acrylics/ Xtracrylix Extras - DP Casper - Operation Moked decal set I hope that shows you the progression I feel personally I have made to my latest build the Lynx, and hope to keep improving with your tips and tricks, my current build is in the WIP section that being a 1/32 Revell F-4F Phantom II Thanks for looking Nick
  14. Thanks very much everyone, "my build catch" up is now in this Ready for Inspection forum
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