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  1. Thank you all for the kind words. @Badder - do not get me wrong, I am quite happy with the result. The chipping fluid (Ammo, in case one wonders) worked like a charm. The issue was the white top coat which turned out to be more elastic once wet. The difference was that the colour peeled off in larger chunks, instead of breaking - if that makes sense. First time I am doing this so I am not 100% if that is normal behaviour. Most tutorials seem to result in a 'flakier' effect. I think if I tried a Tamiya top coat, instead of the Vallejo acrylic I ended up using, the colour
  2. This is the latest model I put together, mostly to try a couple of techniques. This is the first time I do a winter 'camo', first time I used chipping techniques (Mig products) extensively, first time used 'mud' products (Vallejo) and not the first time I went crazy with pigments (Vallejo). A bit heavy-handed on some of the dark-iron chipping. Also, the white paint chipping did not turn out very 'flaky', due to a more 'elastic' behaviour of the top coat. Will try other brands in the future. The build is based on a M. Jimenez's tutorial.
  3. Thank you all for your kind words!
  4. Hello all, It has been a while since I posted here, mainly trying to keep momentum to finish projects. This is my last one, started some 2 years ago (I know, its been slow). This is my second tank in some 30 years. I used Tamiya's 1/48 Firefly, with Eduard's photo-etched detail set and most of the Black Dog stowage. The figures are from Tamiya's infantry set. Not 100% about the historical accuracy, I was mostly focused on applying techniques as best I could. You can probably see this is influenced from Pat Johnston's work. I would probably make some small corrections bu
  5. Thank you for the kind words! Just noticed a fingerprint smudge in the pictures, panic!
  6. After quite some time, not a WIP anymore. Finished model shown here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234986263-f4u-1-birdcage-tamiya-148-2013-2015/ Thank you for checking out this thread! 'Till next time.
  7. After almost a year and a half, I managed to finish this model (build shown here - http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234955564-f4u-1-birdcage-tamiya-148/ ) I was so... happy I did (i.e. fed-up with it) that in the pictures below I forgot to do some minor touch-ups and paint some of the lights on the fuselage. Quite happy with the outcome, ecstatic I managed to finish it. It was an excellent platform to try some weathering techniques for the first time.
  8. Shameless bump - any ideas? I can not get any convincing reference for the time and I am tempted to continue with the build and leave the canopy business last - and possibly use flat-top just to complete the project.
  9. Hello all, I am back at this, after some time for moving to a new house. Seems that in the move I managed to loose one of the most important pieces of the kit. The canopy... I do have the second piece (without the bulge) and I am trying to see which is the correct option for Dangerous Dan. The only image I have/know of the airplane is: I can not really make it out, however I figured more knowledgeable modelers may be able to understand from the mirror configuration. Any ideas? Btw, Supercale and Tamiya indicate a flat-top canopy - not that their illustrations are necessarily accurate.
  10. How very true, I missed that. Hm... interesting...
  11. Thank you for the kind words. Indeed, it was started long ago. But I have to admit, it has been lots of fun. There will be a little pause, again, as I am moving in a few days. Will pick it up in a couple of weeks! I am trying to figure a nice way to do the spider-like spill in-front of the cockpit. Cheers, Panos
  12. More updates, before another break for moving houses.... I decided to experiment with oils, to enhance the look of different surfaces and plates. Using a couple of colours I added streaks and faded paint spots, toned-down decals etc. Pastels where used for the smoke stains.
  13. Indeed, its been too long... Since I started this I became a dad and now I am about to switch jobs and move near Chester. So I expect more delays But... for the time being I am having fun! I wanted to soften the colours on the underside, so I used oils to add some streaks etc. Will add more, once I get around ordering some colours I am missing.
  14. Next step was to spray a couple of layers of clear (Pledge) and apply the decals. The model's panel lines where highlighted with oils - a combination of Black and Industrial Earth from the 502 Abteilung oils which are excellent. The control surfaces where highlighted with oils (Light Mud). More weathering to follow...
  15. Main walkways with some paint chipping done. All will be `toned-down' after the clear-coats & decals have been applied.
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