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  1. Dear Tailspin Turtle! Many human thanks! Everything worked out!
  2. Hello everyone! I want to warn you right away: this is machine translation. Once upon a time on the site http://www.philsaeronauticalstuff.com/ a gorgeous selection of F3H-2Demon photos was published. Here http://www.philsaeronauticalstuff.com/f3h/f3h.html The site has now closed. Maybe someone copied the photos from Walk Around and can share them? This is how Walk Around looked like. Thank you very much for the help
  3. Igorek! I in an our way will tell you - its very best beutifull!
  4. Igorek! And where to look at building of B-58 Huster?
  5. Hi, Sten Ekedahl Many thanks for the help - I think, all my questions will be safely resolved
  6. Hi, Tarheellaw! I apologize for dullness, my English is a machine translation. You suggest to reconsider all topic once again? It is made already long ago, all pictures are safely kept. Lately after my message I repeatedly looked for the required photos on various sites, but unsuccessfully. So still I hope for favor of English colleagues. PS I Hope, the anti-Russian sanctions won't affect my request
  7. Hello, Jeffrey! Thank you that paid attention to my post and I tried to help. The matter is that I validly have Naval Fighters 57 alive, and from the book about the experimental planes Douglas D-558, D-558-2 & X-3 Stilletto I have practically all illustrations in high resolution. As I rather densely reconsidered available storages of a photo on the Internet, including Flickr, a site NASA and other, but and exhaust jet didn't find distinct images of niches of the chassis (there is something, of course, but it would be desirable more). Therefore asked for the help English-speaking colleagues - can, there are any unknown to us a deposit of useful information? To a question of model - I begin independent production of the plane (scratch-build) as in the scale 1/48 necessary to me nobody does it, and there is a wish to have it at myself. And, as, chassis niches, the cockpit and exhaust jet is the first that it is necessary to make, I try to find information on the plane. Igor from snow-covered Ural
  8. Good afternoon! I do the Douglas D-558-2 model on the scale of 1/48. There are some questions to reputable community. 1 . Photos the plane from below, especially in the field of an exhaust opening of the jet engine are necessary. 2 . Photos of niches of the chassis. The book naval fighters 57 is available. The Internet reconsidered. Perhaps photos on any unevident resources lie? The Internet, NASA and Flickr - for a long time everything from there is downloaded. Seldom published photos or links to sites with unevident contents are looked forPS. I use translate.ru, I apologize for possible mistakes in translation I started doing - and I hope to complete - two-engine option with additional fuel tanks on an external suspension bracket. Therefore the bottom views on exhaust nozzle are so important. I agree even to video - but that this place was visible! Probably, machine translation can't translate everything as it is necessary - therefore once again I will specify. Me exhaust nozzle of a turbojet and a place round it, sheathed by metal interests. Photos of the rocket engine are in a large number and big permission and questions don't cause Igor from snow-covered Russia
  9. Excellent work! I join the previous speakers - very much I wait result after a primer. And as idea - can originally try to impregnate laid on paper panels with superglue to increase their durability? And, of course, it would be desirable to receive files with sketches of overlays for e-mail if it is possible
  10. kev67 Hi! That's just the point that the entrance hatch is planned to open, to put a short flight of stairs, to put pilots and crew. And nearby on the cart - a bomb. Igor My English - translate.ru, I am sorry if that not so
  11. sanguin At all I don't know, as to tell... These are all same pictures moved from a site on a site. They already everything are downloaded and watched long ago - but in connection with the low-informational content and lead to emergence of similar posts. So we continue to wait more actual information. PS Search of pictures on the Internet I am able to use, in Google it isn't banned
  12. Many thanks!!! About privacy. The cabin of the plane costs in the form of an exhibit in Highland Aviation Museum. It is open and available. Hope on living nearby.
  13. sanguin Thanks! My post - simply copy from there.
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