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  1. @Margaret Clarke: Private Message sent @Bigglesworth: I agree, thank you
  2. As a regular builder of 48th scale armour, I can vouch for the tamiya range. They build up nice and quickly, and they are big enough that I can actually see what I am doing without a visor most of the time, without going overboard on either dimensions or parts count Edit: For those people after a challenge. Don't forget that Hobbyboss have a range of 1/48 T34s with full interior. It has been said that they are downscale versions of someone e else's 16th scale offering, but they do make an impressive model, especially if you can pose them in such a way as to make the interior easil
  3. Could have sworn I'd put myself down for this. Tamiya 1/48 SU122 with tank riders for me.
  4. XA896 was assigned to 230OCU at RAF Waddington, where Mrs Bullnut's Grandfather was her Crew chief. In 1964, she was passed to Bristols for use as a flying testbed for the Bristol Siddeley BS.100/9 vectored-thrust turbofan engine, fitted with Plenum Chamber Burning, for the Hawker-Siddeley P.1154 VSTOL fighter project for the RAF and FAA, She was scrapped at Filton in 1966, just about 2km from where we now live. A strange coincidence given that Mrs Bullnut grew up on Humberside. Image below from vickersvaliant.com shows XA896 in overall HIghspeed Silver, though by the time she was
  5. Count me in on this one please. Living just a short distance from BAC's Filton site, I feel I would be remiss if I didn't enter something. I have an Airfix Blenheim 1 and F2.b in the stash
  6. Tamiya 1/48 Ausf. J with scratch build schurzen, RB models bow MG barrel and Tamiya figures. Thanks to all.
  7. I sprayed a dust coat of Tamiya Buff in a random manner over the whole model, followed by an overall flat coat. I followed this by adding some branches to a number of points around the hull and turret. These were made from dried plant stems, to which I added Woodland scenic light green coarse turf, and burnt grass fine turf, adhered with spray adhesive and sealed with Humbrol matt varnish rattle can. As a final touch, I added a loader figure to the open hatches, after painting the Waffenfarbe with citadel acrylics. And for completeness, here's a shot of t
  8. More progress, The schurzen got its coat of XF60, blotches were masked the same way as the hull, I painted one replacement panel with a branching pattern in red-brown for a little visual interest. You may also notice that one of the panels is now separate, I noticed during a trial fit that it would interfere with the ammo loading, so I figured the crew would have removed the offending panel for the duration. The hull and turret has been given some light sponge chipping and some fresh scratches with an HB pencil. Unfortunately they don't show very well in the pics, but I assure
  9. Hmmm. I could have sworn I'd signed up for this. Never mind, count me in please with something clanky and boxy in SCC2
  10. Sorry about the double post here, but I promise it's worth it. Today was spent painting in ancillary details, including the on vehicle tools, Vallejo german grey for the bare metal, citadel Rhinox Hide for the Bakelite handles and MG34 stock. I also hang most of the turret schurzen panels, leaving out the left side hinged sections, more on those later. The interior of the turret and hatches, and the fabric wad on the end of the cleaning rods, received a coat of Ushabti Bone, while the wooden tool handles and jacking block got Tallarn Sand followed by a wash of Reikland Fleshshade. You wil
  11. @PlaStix: Delays owing to real life again, easy enough finding time to work on the model, less so time to update this thread. Masks came off of the hull and turret giving this result, I then touched in the spare wheel tyres with Citadel Stormvermin fur: Turret schurzen got the same treatment and tactical number decals snugged down with Decalfix: Running gear tyres were painted with the same Citadel acrylic as the spares, while all of the track links and spares got a mix of Dark Iron and Flat Brown I then turned to the side schurzen
  12. Rather productive day was had today, quite apart from the DIY. Hobby stuff began with spraying all of the upper sections with XF58 Olive Green I then used blu-tac blobs to mask off the green patches. I have now sprayed XF60 over all remaining surfaces and running gear. That's drying so more pics tomorrow.
  13. Lovely work so far, looking forward to seeing more progress. Be careful though, these 1/48 kits can get addictive
  14. @PlaStix Thank you. Yes, it's a lovely kit, but then I'm yet to find a 1/48 vehicle from big T that doesn't go together well. Shame about the sponson gaps, though with the skirts and tracks on, I don't suppose much will be visible under there, even if someone does go looking. It's not like it's a Sherman, is it?. Busy emptying the eldest sprogs bedroom to decorate at the moment, but I hope to break out the airbrush in a few hours. Edit: So busy clearing the room and typing this that I a: forgot to hit the post button, and b: missed the postie with the RB barrel for the
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