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  1. I have noticed many Pz IV H's in quarter-scale in this GB, but not found any J's yet, so having one in the stash, I figured I may as well resolve that apparent oversight. This is Tamiya's older moulding, with the die-cast lower hull. Just a placeholder post at the moment, work will commence once the Matilda has been finished over in KUTA XI
  2. bull-nut

    Waltzing again

    Sorry for the lack of updates, January seems to be busier than planned. I have however managed to get some detail painting done, using hairy sticks and a variety of acrylic colours, Mostly Citadel, with a little Vallejo, finished fitting the tracks and sprayed and mounted the tow cables over the right side of the hull. Sorry about the terrible lighting. Also, browsing the Australian Archive website, it seems that 2-4 AAR didn't fit the large track shields to the front of their Matildas, at least every pic I've found shows them not fitted, so I'll be leaving them off. However, in the archive, I found this image of BEAUGUEST IV Which seems to show simple squared off steel channel section welded to the engine deck louvres, presumably to support the steel mesh, so I'll be fitting them next. Lesson learned, more research needed in future. Decals design is underway, and I hope to get them printed today.
  3. bull-nut

    Waltzing again

    So it turns out that trying to get a build done in a short period of time, over the festive period, when you have young children in the house doesn't work too well, who would have guessed? Instead I will transfer my Matilda II to this GB and see if I can get it done by the end of the month. For reference, the original build thread is Here With the new year out of the way, and work calming down after the festive rush, I drilled out the hole in the mantlet too 2.5mm, and inserted a length of plastic tube to serve as the 3" Howitzer barrel, I think I got the length right, but it may be a little off. After priming with Army Painter Desert Yellow, I gave the top of the side armour panels a coat of Tamiya Red, This serves as the base colour of the fording lines, which I masked with narrow strips of Tamiya tape: The rest of the model, including the big, cast track guards, were sprayed with a Tamiya mix of SCC13, mix ratios courtesy of Mike Starmer. I also sprayed the resin track links with a mix of Tamiya Dark Iron and Brown in roughly 1-1. Assembly of the track runs has commenced, I'll try to get more done/updated tomorrow.
  4. Thanks for the support all. Further research has revealed to me that 2/4 Armoured used steel mesh over the engine deck, to fend off magnetic mine/pole charge attacks,rather than PSP. A close look at period photos (I'll link them tomorrow) suggests that they used approximately 2" steel mesh, which works out at slightly bigger than 1mm mesh in this scale, so I'll be off to the store tomorrow to see what I can find. Also need to plan the support frame. No idea what it looked like, so if anyone has any pics of it they could point me to, I'd appreciate it enormously.
  5. Ok, so maybe not tomorrow. Life got in the way again, as it has a habit of doing. Having said that, I am still surprised at how quickly these Tamiya 1/48 armour kits go together. A few hours work got me to this stage: Then on Monday morning, a little parcel arrived from the team at Parabelum. First time ordering from them, but I'm sure it wont be the last. Anyway, on went the first few bits of resin and I was so pleased with how well it was coming along, that I kept going, and knocked up the exhaust silencers. I still need to drill the ends of the pipes, I'll get to it this week hopefully. This bit will be staying off until the base coats are on, since getting paint in behind it is going to be difficult. That done, I cracked on, and with the hull griblies and turret built, it looks like this If you look carefully, you can see that I drilled the towing eyes. I'll have to raid the wire stash for some power cables sometime this week Next jobs, aside form the above, are to get some stowage onto the turret, and maybe some PSP on the hull sides. then it will be ready for primer and an initial coat of G3 on the inside surfaces. "Soft" stowage will wait until the end, as normal. Quick question, does anyone know if SCC7/"Jungle Green" is the correct colour for the hull?
  6. Late to the field, but with a nice compact build that should be fairly quick. I'll be building an A12 Matilda II CS of the Australian 2/4 armoured. Based on this picture found with a quick web search; Box shot And sprue shot Not shown here, because it's still on the way from Parabellum, is the Gasoline Matilda Frog conversion kit that I will be raiding the turret collar, tracks and brush guards etc from. I also think I have RB models Besa barrels in the stash, if so I will be using one in this build as well. Work has commenced, more pics tomorrow.
  7. bull-nut

    The Pacific at War GB Chat

    Sorry, I know it's late, but would there be room for me in this GB please, I have an urge to build an Australian Matilda II on Bougainville or Tarakan.
  8. bull-nut

    Local interest Tempest V

    @Creepy Pete. Thanks for the info, I'll have a look through the references for that incident, I don't recall it from my last read through.
  9. bull-nut

    Local interest Tempest V

    Doh! That'll teach me for trying tandem builds. No matter, I don't think it'll be visible anyway, and not fitting it should make squeezing in a pilot easier. Or maybe I'll separate the fuselage halves and squeeze them both in tomorrow, I'll see how it goes.
  10. Sprue shots and decals, I'll likely not use any of the decals except the stencils, since the codes aren't valid for my build, and the blue in the roundels looks way too bright to me. Work begins with the cockpit as normal, rather more in this one than the Tempest, but it went together fairly well, (though I'm not sure why I bothered adding the Oxygen bottles, since they are completely invisible in the fuselage.) Tamiya IJN cockpit green, Athonian Camoshade, then a few different Citadel and Vallejo acrylics, and we have this. Closing up the fuselage and adding main-planes gave me this after an overnight drying period. The fit at the wing root is pretty poor, it will need some fairly expansive filling. So I guess I know what I'm doing tomorrow. TTFN Edit: Need to dig out Nil Time, find a decent overhead shot of a subject, and check cannon blisters, since they are separate parts.
  11. bull-nut

    Local interest Tempest V

    And so it begins; I forgot to take sprue pics before I started, so I'll refer you to @Beard's build if I may. Anyway, there's not much to the cockpit in this kit, just a seat, stick, pedals and not even an instrument panel, but since the cockpit opening is tiny, I didn't bother adding any, I may squeeze in a pilot from the Revell set later. In the meantime, the office got a blast of Tamiya IJN cockpit green, a wash of Citadel Athonian Camoshade, and then I closed up the fuselage and added the main-planes. I think I'm going to need some filler before I go much further, plan for tomorrow is filler and tail surfaces. TTFN
  12. bull-nut

    Bull-nuts M10 IIc Achilles

    Sorry about the lack of updates chaps, I've not been idle though. I added in the interior set from friendship models. not strictly accurate, but does the job. The interior was painted white, and the seat cushions painted with Citadel Dryad Bark, I then added a thinned wash of Citadel Agrax Earthshade, followed by some chipping with Vallejo German Grey and a piece of sponge, though I think I went a little heavy on the chipping. Sponson and turret Ammo racks were sprayed gold, followed by a splash of Seraphim Sepia, projectiles touched in with black/silver, and the racks themselves with Ceramite White. Upper hull interior got a coat of white, but I didn't bother weathering it since it can't be seen with the hull closed up. The dash and radio from the FM set were added to strips of plasticard to fit under the sponsons near the end of construction. Turret interior painted using Mike Starmers SCC15 mix with Tamiya Acrylics, all ancillary pieces brush painted with Citadel and Vallejo paints, and then the turret closed up. With that done, external equipment was added to the upper hull and the sponson racks added. TBC
  13. As I'm building a Tempest V over in the Hawker (Siddeley) GB, I thought I'd commemorate the RAF centenary with another aircraft type from my local R.Aux.A.F. squadron, No501 (County of Gloucester). Having already build four of their operational types, and with no5 under way, this build will be the final piston engined fighter they flew; the low back, Packard powered Spitfire LF XVIe. For the purposes of which, I acquired this kit: Final decision on codes and scheme will follow later. This will likely be an OOB build, though I may see about sourcing replacement guns. Decals will be a combination of kit and AM items
  14. I almost forgot that I'd signed up for this, but now that the two Sherman's are done, it's time to shift back to thinks with wings. Specifically, this kit; With which I will attempt, in my ongoing project to model one each of all of my local squadrons types, a passing representation of one of the aircraft flown by No501 (County of Gloucester) Sqn RAuxAF. Which served as a fighter squadron from 1938 until it's disbandment in, IIRC, 1957. (Yes, I know 501 still exists, but they are now a logistics support squadron, and I don't have room to display an Atlas!) Airframe reg and codes to follow once I have suitably perused my reference material. I know I've seen a period photo of a bare metal finish somewhere. I want to say EJ533 SD-R, but I'll be back later after consulting Nil Time. Edit: SD-R was EJ538, but was stripped of paint, so she will be my subject for this GB.