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  1. I've got a 1/32nd Grumman Avenger to nail and a Mk1 tank them I'm back on it. Hopefully not too long..... but thank you for the encouragement!
  2. so it's not gone away - its still on the mrs' piano.... Where I'm at with it is I have a 1/32nd Trumpeter Avenger to finish and a Mk 1 female Takom tank then I'm back on it. Now if anyone remembers this thread, I gave Hataka a major caning as their paint was shyyte. I had a very nice pm from a polish bloke from Hataka who told me they had recalled their paint and anyone who'd bought it could return it to the manufacturer and they would replace it with the new mix. I think the number of hits on this thread was concerning them re adverse publicity. So...... I've just sprayed the bombs on the Avenger with Hataka Olive Drab, which I bought for the Wokka as the mix is spot on for the Wokka, and avoid. It's still shyyte. I was right the first time.
  3. Still on the mrs' piano. I've got a stupid metal block which is filling an engine cowling. I tried to get back into it with a Dauntless and am on with an Avenger at the minute. The lads on ARRSE keep having a go at me to finish it. We've got a modelling forum up and running on there now, which is pretty good - nice supportive group and lots of micky taking. I do plan to get back on the Wokka. Anyway - apologies Hendie for hijacking the build mate. I'm watching with envy. Lovely job
  4. I must say I found the sheer amount of blue surface area quite intimidating where weathering is concerned. 1/32 is mahoosive
  5. Well this is the first plane I've build since I was about 11. Its supposed to get me back into the Wokka. Its Pacific Fleet, and they got hammered by the elements. Cant decide if I overdid it, but here you go
  6. well here we are in September and what's happened? Well I had to find something to kick start me after two years off. Just on with weathering it, so hopefully it will be done soon. The plan however is to nick the rotors from this having had the mrs' lad snap one off the build and knack it. I'm hoping to make a resin copy so I can keep this kit (the MERT) intact. Reckon I'll be back on it in about 3 weeks lads.
  7. For a kamikaze, he looks mostly 'armless to me
  8. I think that lad at shapeways is knocking them out but when I looked at the 1/35 ones they were pretty US to be honest. after a brief interlude I’ve started modelling again. I’m just banging out a Douglas dauntless in a group build with some of the lads on ARRSE, and I plan to finish this thing after that. Honest..... it’s still sat there looking at me every day in the living room. Waiting
  9. Im older than you so you'll have to cut me some slack You young uns. I dunno
  10. I used to live in Rickleton and I'm a Makem and I stayed in the W hotel opposite the Whitehouse the other week, so beat that!!
  11. The worky thing has completely taken over. Its the mrs big birthday next week also, so I'm off to SA for a week. I'll be back on it when I get back. Honest. Anywa, I've missed catching up on the builds on here
  12. I meant November. I dont know if I'm coming or going at the minute as the worky thing is manic!!
  13. Erm no. I always put the models down in the summer months and pick em up when the clocks go back, which is the end of this month. I should be back on it in September. Its a labour of love......................
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