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  1. My new Matchbox's model. Fairey Swortfish Mk.III 1/72 Oil cooler are resing. Pilot and radar operator cockpit are handmade. Dacal are from Revell kit. Its Swordfish NR995/G from 838 Sqn. I'm not made a RATOG rockets. I'm just lazy.
  2. This is the last Fairey Swortfish, NS204. I don't think he had the bulge
  3. My new, Airfix, finished model. Bristol Bulldog, 1/72 scale. Boxed camo, aircraft K-2158, A flight, 19 Sqn RAF. I invite you to view photos.
  4. Hi. I have small question Swordfish Mk.III ASV XI radar equipment have a fusulages machine gun?
  5. This is special, polish licence build, one seat, agricultural, version of Polikarpov Po-2 "Кукурузник" I use to build this model very, very old Kovozavody Prostejov kid in 1/72 scale. I improved and rebuilt it a bit, of course. Decals was, "hand made", my friends help me in this thing. I invite you to watch
  6. My new model: Swedish fighter Saab J-29 Tunnan Matchbox 1/72 Very old kit. I added resing pilot seat, and vacu conopy Camo is UN force from Kongo in 1961 Decals from Heller kit.
  7. Hi This is My new Matchbox kits. Old Gloster Gladiator Mk.I. DP Casper decals "Rebelion in Iraq" To paiting I use Alclad Ii and Mr color products.
  8. Yes, my mistake I have already corrected
  9. Hi. This is my new vintage kit. SAAB j-21A with old, Heller's kit. I engraved a panel's line. I painted it while using extracolor enamles. Boxes dacals. Aircraft with 2 Sqn, 9 Flotilla, Save airfield, Sweden. 1947 y.
  10. Airfix's Messerschmitt Bf 109E new tooling is a very fine model. I made it in Slovakian camuflage. In this country bf 109 used in West Front and in Home Defend. My small messer is in 13 letky in West Front
  11. This is rather vintage modeling. Old KP (Kovozavody Prostejov) Avia B.35 first prototype 1/72 model kit. My Avia presents aircraft from the beginning of the trials without "S-3" code ald antenas.
  12. Hello everyone, My name is Maciek and I'm from Warsaw, Poland Sorry for my English. This language is not my native. I'm 1/72 airplane modeller Mainly I build alies WWII aircrafts. I invite You to visit my internet vebs www.modelarstwo.mdi.pl www.spitfire.waw.pl
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