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  1. There's a reliable ebay seller from Poland, Bob something?, gets the new SH releases early, I've bought from him quite a few times.
  2. Kinetic produce a couple of etch sets, if I recall correctly, the RAAF is very similar to the RAF version.
  3. That's great news, I don't normally do airliners, but an SP is something else, the hardest part will be choosing which scheme, thanks Ray.
  4. By the magic of Google I just came across this wonderful model, absolutely outstanding.
  5. There's no guarantee Revell will release the Tornado, they haven't the Starfighter, plus it would complete with their own kit, which is still being re-released.
  6. Thanks Heinz, it really does look a beast with the wings folded, saves much space too.
  7. Do you know if they plan to produce a wing fold set Heinz?
  8. Fly are still progressing with the Tunnan. Hope the Draken does come to fruition, in several variants.
  9. That's great to hear, somehow missed the previous sprue shots.
  10. It'll be a server issue, it's happened before, hopefully Kev will rectify it before long.
  11. I spoke to Danny at Telford last year, he said he hoped to have the kit released by the middle of this year, we're not there yet, also factor in what's going on in the World, and it might well be longer, but it will be well worth the wait, it's a very high quality kit.
  12. They've done that previously, can't recall if they were close.
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