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  1. Dear Lain, Very impressive! I must admit I had not come across the yellow "Gas Warning Patch" before, but this seems quite authentic as it is shown in the Film shot at the time :- and can be clearly seen on the early footage of LZ-X. Whether it also appeared on Squadron Leader Rupert Leigh's R6800 is open to speculation, as I cannot find any shots of that aircraft showing the port side wing.Non-the-less, a very good example. Regards, C.H.A. Reilley (Son of PO Hugh W. Reilley)
  2. Dear Rowan, As the son of PO Hugh William Reilley, I am interested in your model of the Spit in which he died. I realise this message is somewhat outdated but have only just found your details and hope that this will be passed onto you. Several years ago I built the larger Airfix model which featured Al Deer's Spit, but like many others was faced with having to use his Squadron Markings and I could not find at that time any of the Squadron 66 Decals, which was a shame. Since then, I have been fortunate enough to have 2 grandsons who I think might like to have a model of R6800, so I hope you
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