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  1. Visited one of my local, friendly hobbystores. Just a bus ride and two tube lines away.. :) Model trains is their main thing but they have Revell, some Airfix but mostly Tamiya and some other things.. And Vallejo, AK, Tamiya and some more brands of paints..


    I needed the RAF colours but picked up some I did not have. The shortage of Tamiya paints is still on so no white though.. That light green, I got some plan to mix it up for 506th FG P-51Ds on Iwo Jima I think.. We will see how that goess ome other time.....


    Aaaaand - I picked up a Razorback.. :D Why not? They are dirt cheap! About £25.74. That´s nice for that kit!


    51665492857_66a272b84a_h.jpgIMG_0344 by Tobias Björkman, on Flickr


    Also had some decent models in a few cabinets. That VIIC looks great!


    51667265185_b132130302_h.jpgIMG_0342 by Tobias Björkman, on Flickr

    51665582412_448adf73b8_h.jpgIMG_0343 by Tobias Björkman, on Flickr


    But more important - I can soon lay down the Dark Green and Ocean Grey! :D

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  2. 3 hours ago, TAG said:

    Tussen tack, dude! It is a pretty badass squadron badge, "Give 'Em Hell!" loosely translated from Portuguese (some people say "Hit 'Em Hard" but that's more of a literal translation). You probably already know this but FCM makes epic decal sets for FAB Jugs in 72, 48 and 32 scale.


    Oh yes, I have FCm´s. :) Just need to finish off an M and an N. Then it is D bubbeltop-time.. ;)

    it is badass! Sadly I do not even speak the slightest of Portugeese, but i am glad to have people like you that can enlighten me! :D

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  3. Thanks. :)

    Yeah - I would love that! I do not mind the Hasegawa - but a P-47 series like the P-51Ds, oh YES! "All" of them, Razorback and bubbeltop Ds, the M and the N.. That would be plastic pr0n! ;)

    The hasegawa effort needs a little AM to make it pop in my humble opinion. Sort of feels like a scaled up 48th scale Tamiya, but not with the added detail for a bigger scale. On the other hand, I have not finished any kit of it - I just have it..


    Went for Mr Surfacer 1500 Grey after even more IPA removing all doo-doo from the surface as aclose as I could, to the masking. Oh man it was shining and looked so nice! ;)


    51659818213_0f75042f8c_h.jpgIMG_0333 by Tobias Björkman, on Flickr

    51660466090_a478233f81_h.jpgIMG_0334 by Tobias Björkman, on Flickr


    Alclad-damage from the cough/spill. Snaded, IPA-stripped, polished. yet still visible.. Cannot feel it and maybe i should have primed, there, with something with more microfiller? Do not think it will be very visible but it might..


    51660704897_080d6139fc_h.jpgIMG_0336 by Tobias Björkman, on Flickr


    The big bags that I primed with Citadel Chaos Black, rattle can, for some reason.. God knows why.. 😕 Will make the Neutral grey or some lighter grey.. Not sure yet. Also, parts of the Revell N waiting some detail brush painted.....


    Discover i have no Gunze colours for the Ocean Grey and Dark Grey - or is it Gray? Not even Tamiy..! But I do have Mr Paint´s.. But at the moment I am back with my Tamiya and Gunze paints.. Used to just AIP thin and drop some Tamiya retarded in, but now I have bought X-20A and the Mr Levelling Thinder, which seems to make it even better.. ANd do not fancy the MRP stench.. So I will probably take a walk and buy the Tamiya variants tomorrow or on Tuesday. I think I will get a better - or atleast easier time covering that pre-shading. The 435M on my J 26 was a little tricky. Doable, just needed many more coats than I had planned for..


    XF-81 and XF-82 it is if I recall correctly.. Will probably pick up XF-83 as well then - there will be an Eduard Mk. IX again at some point (Audet´s IXe).


    A little unsure about the red cowling and yellow tail - probably not really correct with X-7 and XF-3. Will have to look into that! But they are good paints and with some mixing, perhaps..?



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  4. Nothing really exciting to post but since I kinda want to look back myself, maybe.. ;)


    Masked the underside and ABed the rough area of those (more-) heat resistant areas magnesium (it was that or stainless steel and I was worried about masking that - could have Aqua Glossed I guess but.. i did not.).

    Hopefully there will be a little bit of difference - I painted it over aluminium on a little rogh suface.. 😕 We´ll see..


    I have done something wrong with the Alclad Gloss Black, surface is a little rough - to high psi? Old bottle (it is, does it matter?). Needed some work.


    Stripped the part on the flap that got coughed on by the AIrbrush.. At first just sanded and polished it but stripped the paint with IPA instead. There is marks , small, on the plastics, where that happened (on the stab too, but not on the NMF area). i cannot feel it but it is slightly visible.


    Then I am cleaning the rest in IPA, nicely removing the nasty overspray, feeling like a rough varnish, on the rest of the model. That and masking took a few hours, went through several movies but the smell of the IPA and the feeling of getting the plastic so nice again was pretty satisfying! :P


    51655569587_3817e41283_h.jpgIMG_0331 by Tobias Björkman, on Flickr


    51656384121_dbd80670c1_h.jpgIMG_0330 by Tobias Björkman, on Flickr


    I hope I can still make it into a model I will feel decent about, the Jug´s shape and size is so wonderful.. Handling that shape in Tamiya´s grey plastic is.. Satisfying. :)  But I will use another primer for NMF the next time..

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  5. On 11/2/2021 at 12:06 PM, Aigore said:

    Quick update on my replacement wing, that has arrived to Sweden a second time now... hope it  makes it all the way to me this time.

    Wasn't too happy about having yo pay VAT and handling fee to the Swedish postal service for a part I already payed for in the kit...€10 😕

    Wasn't much but annoying!

    Now my hope is that it finally arrives unmolested!


    Now that is just shitty - but with "PostNord-lotteriet (Är det du som får post denna gång? ;) ) it is what it is.. And when that fee is bigger than the value of the goods.. :P


    The build is just as nice as before, love it.  And your workplace seems cozy.. :D

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  6. If I recall correctly, this, and quite a few other special Swedish "skins" were not around for too long. Getting re-painted. Hence the lack of photos? I made a quick search for "Johan 66 draken" which gave a few I think you have, however..


    The tail cone was from another aircraft as I understood it, but I guess you knew that? I have it covered ina  few books but all are at my dad´s.. I can check with him if there is any info and possibly have him send photos atleast. Or I could try and e-mail F 10 Wing´s museum if you want to?


    it´s looking good though!


    Thread in Swedish:




    And the text from the Zotz decal sheet if you did not have it:




    It says 1998 but that is wrong, should be 1989.


    More in Swedish:




    Appaerently there were two, Johan 57 and Johan 66. If you need help translating, I can try.. :D

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  7. Ah no, I do not think so.. :) The guy that helped me out on our loacla Forum, when i bought an airbrush.. he invited me over, popped a few cheap beer and showed off his techniques (he has been feautured on the LSP Forums build!) - did he prime when he showed off Alclad? Did he fakk.. ;)

    I do not judge, I just try to pick up hints, tips etc - what do I know.. So no worries mate!


    I think it looks pretty good. Have meant to try those vallejos but bought so much new paint, I have yet to..


    Yupp, I think I did the same with my first Draken! ;)


    Sure! In the meantime, I´ll admire yours! :D


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  8. The painting looks really neat and nice, great stuff! What shades and primer did you use for the NMF belly? Curious since I have a Draken decently high up in the stash.. In the past, as i made my first aircraft using Alclad, a J 35J, I just used a single shade.. 😚 Next time I need to up the game..


    Anyways, you job looks really nice. The camo shape is well done and you got the NMF leading edge correct, unliek many! ;) Those that do a tapering following the kit´s panel line..

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  9. Wonderful to see one of these birds here! :D  Mine is in the second batch, high up, so I can see you do all the errors so I won´t make them.. ;) (j(k)


    I have three fav aircraft above all else - Thunderbolts, Thunderbolt IIs and Viggens (which also means "Thunderbolt"!).. So this will be a treat..

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