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  1. Thanks once again guys. The barrells are of no problem, I can get those separately as you showed me.


    However, I should probably know which brand AZ is short for but I don´t.. :clown:  I just re-eneterd the hobby after a bunch of years out, since I was a small kid. Have really most build Airfix and Matchbox in 1:72 before but have started to build more advanced 1:72 and mainly 1:48 now..

  2. The Airfix Mk V is not retooled yet, eh..?


    If I, for some reason, would like to build a "what-if" (Heaven forbid! ;) ) MK IX with four 20mm cannons - is there any good brands that have both a Mk IX and Mk VIII that I could switch out parts from. Thinking motsly on those bulges on the wings here..

    I think Italeri has - not sure about the compability though.

  3. Thanks again guys! Funnily enough I have that Osprey book in the mail, probably coming tomorrow..! :yahoo:

    Have had my eyes on the VIII for some time but pushed it down the pile. Might have to rethink that now. It looks dead sexy with those four, long barrells..


    There will be a Griffon, late series like the 21 later. But I am building my way from the start to finish so to say.



    Great info Mikemx - I didn´t know that so will check that one out.

  4. Hi!


    I have a little difficulty finding info and pics of Spitfire Mk IXe´s - with four 20mm cannons. If I can remember correctly some with the E-wing did have just that, or am I mistaken?


    I would love to build a kit with that option and any tips for which one have those options or are easy to upgrade with after-market options would be great. 1:72, 1:48 or 1:32 doesn´t matter.


    Info is greatly appreciated, even if I am mistaken on this option. ;) If indeed some had this armament, how did those bulges on the wings look like?



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