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  1. While waiting for the Dark Green, I painted the rudder. First a mix of Gunze Flat White and 329. Followed by a regular coat of 329 and a pair of Tamiya XF-3 to change the tone a bit and finally, 2 thin layers of 329 again. I think it can turn out okay with some wash.. IMG_0354 by Tobias Björkman, on Flickr IMG_0355 by Tobias Björkman, on Flickr Phot flattens it out a bit but there is some preshading showing off as shadows and perhaps a little dirt..
  2. Yeah, I hear what you say! It could also be that I am poo-poo - and I should probably have thinned more from the start.. Still, think I can do it a little better, with more practice.... Thanks though!
  3. Yeah - Thunderbolts are lovely, great start too! I owned the Razorback kit once, then sold it.. Cannot remember why.. Surface detailed looked nice however.. Your seatbelts indeed look nice, especially for a first attempt! Hope you get the mojo back..
  4. Been working this weekend - but still inhaled some fumes.. In the end, two coats of 50/50 XF-82 and MLT - was aalmost good in some areas while stuff - like the left wing and some areas close to the sausages needed more. So I mixed 60% MLT and 40% paint. Should probably have used even less paint.. IMG_0353 by Tobias Björkman, on Flickr It looked alright in some areas, a little too much in others. Kinda hard to reverse.. So we will see how the oil wash does later. Get some of that effect instead. On tuesday or wednesday i can pick up the Dark Green, so plenty of time to re-mask over the grey and try to make the areas and the edges better. It is "loosly based" on the actual camo than strictly like it..
  5. Yeah, she has a great bottom! One of the cooler features about the Viggen, a massive engine. That is wonderful to experience at those airshows too.. It is such a big part of the plane it needs attention - so well done!
  6. It went form great to really great! That weathering made it look like the real thing to me..
  7. Wow, looking great. Sucha wonderful-looking, big beast! And you did a great job on it!
  8. Well - I it helps looking at it that way but still, it is ALOT for a plastic kit. On the other hand, I like that fact it is plastic and not resin and/or 3D-printed (the whole kit). Speaking of Airfix.. A bit ridicolous when their P-51d for example, is as expensive as the Eduard one (here) - yet quite alot inferior in most areas. I like Airfix but they do not have the best details not fit. Fix that and we can talk..
  9. Impressive work, I love this kind of thread.. My brother built that Tempest, iirc it was brown and green? But I could be wrong..
  10. One of JetMads Facebook posts about the landing gear mentioned the weight. As always, great work! The bottom-end looks fabolous! Great combo and choice of paints and colours. Well done!
  11. Yeah, thanks. Though.. I did a rough camo pattern - the first 50/50% Mr Levelling Thinnder and XF-82 killed off most of the weird colours.. We will see if I can do just one more to dampen the worst black pre-shade and keep some of the rest.. Not sure.. Next time I might need to get the black and the other colours at the same brightness? Contrast? Whataver. Or atleast a little closer to the black. IMG_0352 by Tobias Björkman, on Flickr
  12. Cool. Actually tempted to have a go at this. And give one to my buddy´s eight year old..
  13. Damn, looking good! B-24s are really cool plane.. Well done so far! And I REALLY liked that other one - Stripped for Action..
  14. Right.. Tried this for the first time so bear with me.. Any tips or suggestions, positive or negative are welcome! Made some figures with Xf-18 Medium Blue, XF-62 Olive Drab and XF-68 NATO Brown mixed with 40-50% X-20A. The hard part seems to get a balance with the black pre-shade and this - and later to get both to give some effect? I am fine with just a tad bit and I guess the biggest risk is just painting voer it? We will see I guess.. IMG_0347 by Tobias Björkman, on Flickr IMG_0348 by Tobias Björkman, on Flickr IMG_0349 by Tobias Björkman, on Flickr Should i add some more umpf to the black pre-shade to atleast get that hinting through?
  15. Locating pins or not, it looks good - probably smart with the drilling. Gotta love Hurricanes, I am just too cowardly to get this one! So I have to enjoy yours..
  16. ..and I felt a bit stupid posting it since I was sure it had been beaten to detah, I could just not find it.. Why I love Britmodeller and the members so much, a wealth of knowledge and most of the time, very helpfully put forward!
  17. ..aaand since I am stupid, I once again messed up buying paints, lol.. I bought Ocean Grey and Medium Sea Grey. I needed Dark Green and OCean Grey..... And to make it worse, whilst picking up other paints at another store later - an ATm machine ate my card.. So cannot get new pots until I get anew card (Tuesday?)... Ah whatever.. I can use MRp - I just do not want to, right now. I will wait, mask my big Tamiya P-51D, practice some oil washes on an old upper hull of a Hasegawa Draken.. And start painting that Revell P-47N´s cockpit.. Bought that XF-26 to see how it matches up with Dark Dull Green - which I only have in stinky MRP paints. They are good, I just do not have the best facilities for stinky paint that often..
  18. Or both ailerons down, as I saw on one build - not a P-51D though..
  19. That is pretty cool, interesting with the unpainted underside/part of the stripes on the fuselage. As well as the black outlining, I agree! Nice find. Back to the stable for some R&R?
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