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  1. No of course not. Drank too much beer and thought I was clever. I was not.😚


    Yeah, I can mix it. But I have an MRP bottle too. Pretty stupid to suddenly change the shade like that. It is not "Interior Green".

    Was not aware they changed their formula a few years ago? What other US colours where changed, if any? RAF WW2?

  2. 2 hours ago, tank152 said:

    Don't be fooled into thinking water based paints are totally harmless, that's just a ploy by there manufacturers to get you to purchase their paints. There's still particles flying round when using them and probably far more than you'd get than using lacquer based paints including enamels. This is due in part to the higher pressure normally required to use them plus you'll have far more trouble with tip dry.



    Not much of a problem with Tamiya or Gunzes "acrylics" (hybrids).


    25 minutes ago, Graham Boak said:

    Health concerns are a worry, but the combination of a spray booth (forced ventilation) and respirator should prevent the majority of problems.  Both are really recommended anyway when spraying anything indoors.


    Yeah, any spray paints you should really use a spray booth and a respirator..

  3. Yeah well said, I felt I could not say that since I did not actually built my ZM.. ;)


    Also if you know what subject you want - check so you get the correct parts like Aeroproducts prop, that intake on the side (carburettor?). If you had any subjects in mind already..

    The Tamiya box, the first has the fillet-less tail but not the Pacific iirc. Then you get the 110 gallon tanks and the Aeroproducts prop in that Pacific boxing  (and cuffless HS in the Korean one)..

    Not sure about ZM - but iirc you only get the carburettor (?) intake of the "British" style 8for more muddy fields?) in that British boxing  and so on,.

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  4. Not built it but I have had one and I have built the Tamiya one. And i compared the sprues. The ZM had some flash on mine. Not hard to clean up. And the details seemed softer. If I had to chose, I would go with the tamiya, but the ZM looked nice as well - just different..

    Pretty cool with that internal thing but that is not my main interest..


    If you get it for a good price and like P-51Ds, I would pick it up though. :)

  5. Sounds cool witha  German rescue helicopter.. :)



    Today, whilst working, i got some interesting gossip.. No idea if it is correct.. But.. We used to have one heli in Stockholm, plus another from April to November (huge archipelago). But I heard today that the hospital boss, ordered another two over the heads of the politicoans to use for the ECMO department, mainly - those helis you mentioned. no idea if it is true but seems like there is some controversy about those new ones.

    I am just glad to see more helis around - great wat to transport patients! We have a fuckton of roundabouts and there is too much traffic for the ammount of cars - so helis are great in my noobish mind..Bring ´em on!


    What else can you tell me about those new ones we got? How much better are they - and how is your build going? ;)

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  6. 5 minutes ago, exdraken said:

    Looks nice so far!

    Any updates?


    Thanks.. :)

    Well, I should.. But I have not done anything, sorry.. Working this weekend - but I will pick it out again and have a look on Monday, because you asked.. ;) I want to build it, just.. Got wee weed off at those resin parts after I started to drill..😚 Probably more poo-poo behind the wheels than the parts? But I got a bit of a meltdown.. And then went back to my bigges love, WW2 US P-47s and P-51Ds... But I spent alot of money on this and it should be a decently easy build - when i get past the blast deflesctors so... I´ll have alook. :)


    Thanks for asking buddy!

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  7. Taking it a bit slow with the model.. Had my parents visiting so could not do anything but the pin-up is still a little wrinkled so no biggie. I am waiting for Tamiya´s Mark Fit Super Strong to see if it can solve it (pun intended!). 5-6 "coats" of Gunzes stuff made it better but not perfect. (I should have cut it?)


    Some more decal soloution, maybe a damp, hot cotton bud as well hopefully does it.


    In the meantime.. Picked up this today. :) 2nd hand Jug, slightly below £50 with all those aftermarket-things. Pretty darn good! Wheels and barrels seems essential on that kit? I may or may not use the PE.. (have a Löök-set somewhere) and i will probably get Brazilian decals.. I like both subjects in that Montex thing but I prefer decals over masks (I know!)




    And here I was, saying I did not need a 1/32 Jug again.. lol (Actually prefered making all in the same scale - but this was too good a bargain!)



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  8. On 11/23/2021 at 9:03 AM, David Koktavý said:


    Yes 🙂, I posted update on my building thread Here



    There is stil something new to discover. I think it is imposible to get 1000% corespondence of our kits with real subject, but we still try to do as much as possible 😃


    My last observation is, that I am not sure about under wings colour. It is staded as NMF, but if I see photos, it seems to have grey shade. Lets compare shade of main wheel strut and the wheel bays cover. The same is visble on pylon, where is NMF? panel, but the rest is more greyish... 🤷‍♂️ Well, definitelly I am stay with the NMF undersides. 



    Aand i forgot to reply to you, sorry.. 😚


    Thanks for the link! Your build looks good so far. I did not even know there was an M-spine resin part, good to know if I ever "go back" to 72nd scale.


    Looks NMF to me but as usual, I kinda need to go back and look. Do not trust my memory, too much other doo-doo going on in my head too! ;) iirc Norris Graser had pretty good pictures (as do Tbolt I think) of many of the 61st, 62nd and 63rd Squadron Ms.

    Pretty sure they would look good with grey too though..

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  9. Thanks again Tbolt. :) Ah yeah, I am not that familiar with Eduards "new" decals.. Last time i used any from them, I think was the Royal Class Mk. IX in 1/48 and that was Cartograf perhaps? I might order some for other build though. :)


    Parents visited me for a few days so done - nothing.. Except working on the pin-up.. ;) Some wrinkling left. I use Mr Hobby´s stuff. Thinking about getting Tamiya´s Mark Fit Extra Strong.. Not sure it will help but I might need it anyways..

    Whan that is sorted, i can go on..


    Instead been thinking more about the next ´bolt.. The Revell N? Or Neel Kearby´s Razorback..? Hmm.. Probably need to finish off the N otherwise it will bug me but.. Fiery Ginger IV  is quite high on the list. As is that Slick Chick from Thundercals too!😎

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