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  1. Been a bit slow here.. 😚 But done a few things - like started to fix the smaller pieces and painted the big, flat tanks.  I will use them if I think they look good enough - and does something for me on the aircraft. But they would be needed to make sure the Glory Boyz in their Mustangs do not get all the Huns, eh? ;)


    Pondered about the plastic blast tubes in the kit or a Master set (I have three). Went for the Master ones.. Not that the tamiya ones do not look good - but I had some trouble telling which was the pointy end..😙 Could not tell about the tapering and I guess tamiya would have the back end where I had to cut it from the sprue, but it did not look that way.. So I skipped them.

    The Master ones look really nice though and slid in easy enough during dry-fitting! before i primed them with Alclad´s Gloss Black that is.. (which needed quite a few coats on that brass!). Hopefull they behave later on.. :)


    The lady popped down nicely in the end, with Tamiya´s Super Strong Mark Fit.. Sweet! And the varnish did the last little tricky area flat. Was a bit worried about that one actually..

    (Engine placard looks.. Weird. Not sure what to do there)


    51755317988_fd38c53c4a_h.jpgIMG_0399 by Tobias Björkman, on Flickr


    Just repainted the DDG-area behind the cockpit with Vallejo Brown Violet - brush painted in the end. Needs a little wash, probably Agrax Earthshade.. Next time i do it right from the start.. :) But I think that will do.. Alrigth anyways.


    51755947585_fe64295965_h.jpgIMG_0397 by Tobias Björkman, on Flickr


    The rim is painted metal but not with a spread down from it, giving a rounded shape like the canopy.. Atleast not yet.. We will see..


    And I will repaint the hinges on the rudder yellow too, as it should be! it annoys me too much!


    I hope to finish off the bird during the holidays.. :) And then i will probably do a Razorback Raid Hot Mama or Miss Second Front - I like both, but the second one´s pin-up a little more.. but the spinner there is scary-looking.. As F***!


    Got some nice decals from mr Norris Graser from Thundercals. Great guy that like @Tbolt has helped ALOT with my stupid questions. ;) Thanks guys!


    51750655863_2eb461ba7f_h.jpgIMG_0394 by Tobias Björkman, on Flickr


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  2. Just bought one of these boxings, 2nd hand - to compare to the Tamiya, newer Airfix and later Eduard (not built one yet). And I like it! Apart from the mentioned tail wheel and exhaust stacks you need to insert early.. And maybe the non-dropable flaps. But the kit is excellent for its age! I prefer it over the Airfix and maybe over the Tamiya.. But those two feel close with pros and cons on each.

    I guess Eduards new one is just superior - but maybe fiddlier to build? We´ll see.

  3. Very nice of you. :) I have for quite a few aircraft of the old - and I will look at the local store if they still carry a few of the old. You never know. So no crisis but still very kind of you.


    And earleir today, I was about to spray the OD under the canopy, at the back of my Revell P-47N.. A little distracted by an exciting podcast - I grabbed the IG instead of OD.. And then as I sprayed - Hang on, this ain´t right. If I did not do stupid things like that, I would last forever.. ;)

  4. 1 hour ago, tank152 said:

    In my opinion MRP are far better than Aqueous, which like yourself I used to use so all isn't lost. It isn't the end of the world about H58, just annoying.

    Don't forget to try out Hataka Orange line or AK Real Colors.


    Yes, I will probably try those too. I have bought quite a few MRPs - but I know my Tamiya and Gunze paints so well - and they stink less, even with Mr Levelling Thinner. It is quite fun trying new stuff though..

  5. 31 minutes ago, Dana Bell said:

    Hi all,


    I agree that it's frustrating when a model paint is changed for no good reason, but this time there may be an advantage - the new formula seems to be (at least on my monitor) a decent match for Yellow Green, the early war color that evolved into Interior Green in May 1943.  Here's a nine-year-old piece that might help explain what I'm talking about:









    Ah ok - spontaneously it looks a little too pale? But I should shoot it through my AB first i guess.

    it is great if they get, release a great match for that of course - but do not call it "Interior Green" and use the same number as for their older colour that is actually - interior green-ish? ;) Ok, I am repeating myself but.. They could have handled it much better. I ordered this online and had no idea it was not the same shade as the jar I was replacing. And yes, i can mix in black but.. To me it is st.. Not greatly handled.


    Thanks for the link - and all previous work by the way. :)

  6. 5 hours ago, tank152 said:

    Mr Color has gone the same way. 🤬

    Can you get hold of AK Real Color or Hataka Orange Line? They're  both very good paints, i've got the RC Interior Green and that looks fine.


    I can, but I will probably just use what i have left, mix Tamiya or use that MRP.  Or, on the other hand, maybe this is when i test AK RC? ;) I have never done that.


    17 minutes ago, Seawinder said:

    I believe there was no official standard for Interior Green until after the war, when it became FS 34154. During the war it was simply "tinted zinc chromate," so there was definitely variation from manufacturer to manufacturer, or even batch to batch, depending on how much black was added to the ZC. The new Gunze formulation may be "accurate" for some historical situation. Also, FWIW, I've got a bottle of Mr. Color IG. The cap color is definitely garish, but the actual paint color doesn't look bad to me.


    Well, they had a decent match for wartime Interior Green, why ruin that. st.. Wait.. (And i have taken a beer - no more posting after this if i drink another.. ;) )

    Seriously - what they have now is not "interior green" but more Zinc Chromate. Atleast call it that or change numbers. What they did is st... Not the most clever thing, now is it?


    Yeah their new formula might be accurate for the ZC before black was added.. But not for what would be called "Interior green". I like their paints, but this was a bummer.

  7. No of course not. Drank too much beer and thought I was clever. I was not.😚


    Yeah, I can mix it. But I have an MRP bottle too. Pretty stupid to suddenly change the shade like that. It is not "Interior Green".

    Was not aware they changed their formula a few years ago? What other US colours where changed, if any? RAF WW2?

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