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  1. Scootsah1

    BBC tv programme on RAF at 100

    His name is Colin. And indeed he was a Tonka pilot on 617 at Lossiemouth when I was there. Before that he was on 14 Sqdn at Bruggen and after 617 an Instructor and Tornado Display Pilot on 15 (R) at Lossie. He is also an extremely nice man and friend !!!!
  2. Scootsah1

    AH-64 Ground Power

    If you look below the 'A' of the Army marking you can see the hinge of the door for the ground power socket. It's between the baggage compartment door and the flare dispenser fairing. The door with the three vents is the right hand aft avionics bay NOT the battery compartment, that is further forward behind the bi-fold door in the EIFAB !!! Happy days
  3. Scootsah1

    Buccaneer questions - Airfix 1/48

    There is no difference mate. Most RAF Buccs were en-Navy so the u/w tanks were the same. Happy days Scoots Ex 208 Buccs Armourer
  4. Scootsah1

    Apache AH1

    A rack of 4 on each inboard pylon. Outboard pylons had a rocket pod on each. Happy days Scoots, Apache fixer
  5. Scootsah1

    1/48 Hasegawa WAH-64D Apache Longbow

    With regard to the rotor head, take the moulded cables off each blade hub.They are for main blade de-icing which is inhibited on UK Apaches !!!!! Happy days Scoots Apache fixer
  6. Scootsah1

    Tornado GR1 advice colors

    Never seen a green cockpit floor in any RAF Tonka of any mark. They were always covered in thick black rubber which was glued to the floor when I worked on them !!! Happy days Scoots
  7. Scootsah1

    Bit of Fun - Amusing Pilots Names

    I used to work with a fellow armourer on 617 Sqdn whose married name was Sue Allcock. Her maiden name was Balls !!! Happy days Scoots
  8. Scootsah1

    End of an era

    208 gone. That scuppers my chances of a job at Valley then. Was on 208 when we scrapped the Buccs. Another sad day for the squadron. Would be nice if it returned though. The Flying Eye on an F35 would look cool. Happy days Scoots
  9. Scootsah1

    Revell 1/48th RAF Tornado GR1A.......

    General Sir, the tank in the picture you posted above is a 1500 Litre tank. They were made of phenolic asbestos so no rivets i'm afraid. As far as I remember the sections were screwed together. Happy days Scoots
  10. Scootsah1


    There is only 1 set of straps on a mk10 seat and they are golden brown. The only blue bits are the leg lines. Happy days Scoots
  11. Scootsah1

    A pair of Airfix Hawks in 1/72

    The bar outside the camp gate at Deci was Smokey Joe's. Served everything except pizzas!!! Happy days Scoots Veteran of 21 Deci dets !!!
  12. Scootsah1

    A pair of Airfix Hawks in 1/72

    The bar outside the camp gate at Deci was Smokey Joe's. Served everything except pizzas !!! Happy days Scoots Veteran of 21 Deci sets !!!!
  13. Scootsah1

    Tornado seat straps colour

    All the seat straps on a Mk10 are a dark tan colour. Happy days Scoots
  14. Scootsah1

    Ejection Seat for SHAR FA.2

    The seat in a Shar FA.2 was the Mk 12. Similar to the Mk 10 but with canopy breakers on the headbox, bigger rocket pack and if I remember higher seat pan sides to act as thigh guards when ejecting through the canopy. Happy days Scoots
  15. Scootsah1

    Tornado gr1 intake ramps

    Hi guys, been off line for a while due to re-locating from Norfolk to Flintshire. Regarding the intake ramps and Krueger flaps, the ramps were inhibited when the LRMTS fairing was fitted. However, the Krueger flaps were still being used in 1987 at Bruggen. They were inhibited and locked closed soon afterwards though. Happy days Scoots