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  1. I’m sure your videos are very good but I’m not so sure they’re appropriate here. But other more experienced members can correct me.
  2. Thanks, Graham! I wasn't expecting such a swift reply. I'll see how it goes without the washing - I have a couple of practice kits.
  3. I think that sounds interesting - give it a go with a cheap and simple kit! I'd like to know how you get on.
  4. Apologies if this has been dealt with elsewhere - I have searched but not found. I'm about to make my first model for 37 years and I vaguely recall being aware of MRA and the need to wash all the parts with mild soapy water before assembly/painting. I'm sure I never did but I don't recall having a problem painting kits (airfix/tamiya) with enamel paints. The only time I remember having an issue was with painting the sets of small figures (infantry, desert rats etc. in softer plastic). Is it always present on all kits? If it is, can you see or feel it or detect it in any other way? Or, should I just wash them all anyway just in case?
  5. Thanks, Graham and Peter. I wasn't sure if they referred to different "grades" of kit - like Eduard's Weekend and Profipack, for instance.
  6. AZmodel/Legato/Admiral? What's the difference between these?
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