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  1. that looks epic. If you don't need the spares i'll happily relieve you of them to add to the F16 pile.????
  2. do a hawk before the bean counters ground them all then sell them for scrap.
  3. I've done that on a version i did 20 (ish) years ago when it was 1st released. Easier said than done.
  4. Nice SLUF build. looks a better kit than the italeri i just did.
  5. Got spare boz pod, fuel tanks too.
  6. Wish you'd hollered, I have those fuselage pylons along with a spare canopy and cockpit windscreen and the masks for them too.
  7. I always thought it was Number 1? but as i'm not a matelot , i'm no expert.
  8. Nice Viper. great idea to use clear sprue to hold the nose up pose.
  9. I particularly liked all the un-stowed equipment boxes along companion ways. the fact the Police person kept refering to the XO as XO Prentice and not by his rank, rather his title.
  10. Nice build of the F-16 younger bigger Cousin.
  11. Nice build of a line bird. You don't often see them in SC schemes. Very nice.
  12. Nice F-14, makes me want to make a start on my Revell F-14D. but the moulded on Sparrows are putting me off!
  13. the earliest Vista and the latest Vista look like different aircraft.
  14. That looks like 2 different aircraft, one with a standard short tail, the other with a ''European'' long/Parachute drogue tail. With the kits i have i can do either/both, but not the latest version as i don't have the tail art. Good new thread btw. sorry for taking over the other one.
  15. Think I have a spare MCID large intake. I'll have to build it wheels up though,lost the complete sprue for the main undercarriage. I do have the doors in the spare drawer though!
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