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  1. Hello George, Sorry It has taken so long to reply. I have had access problems to BM. Can you e.mail me at peter@atlenticmodels.net and I will send you a photo of the offending item on the actual ship.
  2. Peter,


    I've got the Type 45 PE set, but can't work out what part number 3 (side bulwark handing gear) is for.



  3. Hi Everyone, I thought it about time that some news about what has been happening at Atlantic Models should be forthcoming. My apologies for not being lax and not bringing in the updates as they happen. First, I will start with the most recent additions to the Narrow Seas Range. I have been gradually refitting the former WEM patterns and replacing the Photo Etched parts sets in a lot of the kits. I have now completed the British Vosper and Faimile D MTBs and MGBs with the first four, Vosper 70' MTB 57, Vosper 73' MTB 379, Fairmile D MGB 660 and Fairmile D MTB794 being now ava
  4. After a long wait for various sections of production to yield the goodies, I am now happy to announce the release of the Type 42 Destroyer in 1/350 scale. The kit comes in the usual Atlantic Models format with the main parts being resin, smaller more brittle parts in white metal and of course the details in photo etched brass. The hull is divided at the waterline, so it is easy to build the model either full hull or in a seascape diorama, without having to cut and chop large chunks of resin about. The kit also comes with printed instructions now, (the geniuses have decided to de
  5. Hi Folks, I have had deliveries of kits and photo etch this week, so when they have been sorted out, there will be more former White Ensign kits available. The Flower class Corvettes in 1/700 scale along with the HMS Starling will be put up on the website shortly. Also the 1/350 HMS Montgomery kit will be available again by the end of the week. All the best Peter
  6. With thanks to Shar2 for such a great review of the HMS Arrow kit, I can now say that the kit is now available on general release. It has been a long time coming since the patterns went for casting and I must say thanks to all those who have been waiting patiently for this kit. I have been packing and posting, so all the pre orders are now on their way to those of you who have ordered one. Thanks folks. Next will be the Type 42 in the Cold War range in a few months. All the best Peter
  7. The problem with the smaller accessories is that the patterns are scattered far and wide, so it would take a lot of chasing round to get any stock back together. Add to that, I went down the Shapeways lists and found that a large amount of the items are now being 3D printed to order, which will make casting large quantities for stock a non starter from my point of view anyway.
  8. The big news for the week from Atlantic Models is that I have ben in discussion with Richard Harden at Tom's Modelworks and we have agreed to transfer all of the former WEM kits in 1/350 and 1/700 scales to Atlantic Models for release in a new White Ensign range, under the Atlantic Models umbrella. This will also include the Narrow Seas range of kits and the 1/72 and 1/144 scale accessories for the submarines and Coastal Craft. It will be a lot easier to get the kits produced and made available now as the time limits caused by shipping things to and from the USA will not be an issue. Things
  9. The short answer is yes on both counts. Send me an e.mail and I can get you fixed up with the what you need. They are available now.
  10. Hutch, E.mail me at minimariner@talktalk.net I have all the WEM instructions so I can supply you with the one you want. All the best Peter Hall Atlantic Models Ex WEM
  11. Ok so it's a separate small set for the aircraft parts. Plus maintenance ladders, jacks, maybe a Mk12 Hydraulic rig or two, and a few other bits of goodies. As for the backdating set, I was thinking that I could do the PE and Sea Dart parts all in together, but it would only take it back to the post 1990 refit era. It would be a major overhaul to get it back to the as fitted state. Thanks for all the input. And thanks to Chris for his stunning model of Illustrious. All the best Peter
  12. Hi Folks, It's question time again. I am progressing well with the HMS Illustrious 1/350 scale details, which will include most of the original items I did for the WEM set but NOT the backdating parts such as the early catwalks and mast arrays. There will be a lot of new stuff added such as extra details for the superstructure, weatherdecks and flight deck areas, boats and handling gear. I am aiming to get the whole lot onto one sheet, which will be quite big, but still keeping the price down to around £35 to £40 if at all possible. The question is !!! ..... Do I try to include the aircraft
  13. The instructions with the PE set will be in the same step by step format that is in the kits. Much the same as those I did for the WEM PE sets. All the best Peter Peter Hall Atlantic Models http;//atlanticmodels.net
  14. Thanks for the input on this subject. I have addressed as many of the points as I can and included a new Mezanine deck for the hangar as well as the overhead gantry crane and refueling hose drum. The access ladders to the mezanine have also been re done as well as the framework for the hangar roof. The ladder set and rail on top of the 4.5" gun is now in there as well as gun shields for the MG's. The aerials on the radome ball are actually lightning conductors or static shield of some type. There are also four more on the corners of the mast just below the dome. I'm not quite sure if etch i
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