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  1. Hi all, Many thanks for the replies - glad it isn't such a daft idea as I thought it might be initially. I have a back-story in mind although I hadn't spotted the what-if build previously. If I get mine finished in time (yeah, I know - November...) I will add it but I've been distracted by family and other stuff so apart from the cockpit tub and trying to work out what gives 7g of weight in a very small space I haven't made much progress so far. Many thanks though for the other info on related aircraft and what Shorts tested - very useful indeed. I will google these over the next week or so whilst I get the base model moved on. I've "lucked" into a second one (unwanted gift to a friend who doesn't model at all but is a learner pilot) but that will remain saved away until later. Thanks again. A.
  2. Hi, Relative newbie here so apologies if this has been asked before, I did a search for Tucano and nothing similar turned up - at least on the first 2-3 pages of results I'm about to start on one of these - the 1/72 Airfix jobbie, but I fancy something different. I was reading the Wikipedia page about the Tucano (Shorts) version and noted the debate about using them in a close support role and not just as a trainer. I know the UK ones are not fitted with hardpoints and so are unsuitable, but others are. e.g. Hardpoint locations seem to be clear here (not the Shorts version I know) : So I plan to build a what-if version - i.e. an RAF/Shorts version with added hardpoints and in military colours - probably borrowed from a Typhoon. The scenario would be some kind of situation involving ground forces requiring close air support to be provided rapidly. Tucanos, probably with additional tanks (would a centre hardpoint be suitable) would be able to loiter for long periods and answer demands as and when they came up. My questions are 1) how should I build the hardpoints (I've not done much scratch building but keen to learn), and/or what load-out or detailing kits would suit this type of idea (I'm noting the NATO type units at Hannants but they seem "large" for a small aircraft) ? I'm also tempted (just maybe no) to use WW2 style rockets, I have a few left over from various Mosquitos I've built as pathfinders or night-fighters. Also comments welcome, I'm sure this is just barmy. ;-)
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