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  1. Martin, outstanding job on the NKL-26 Aerosan. I just found this and I do have one in the stash that I plan on doing a small diorama like you did. excellent job. Dan
  2. Chrissy welcome to Britmodeller greetings from USA and look forward to your builds. Dan
  3. Ozzy thanks about the information on the British ones. Will probably do a US one. Longshanks thanks for the link. That is what I need to figure out which one to get.
  4. I'm starting to do some research on LCM Landing Crafts and found a couple in 1/35 scale. Was wondering if anyone has knowledge of these two kits. I did a quick search but didn't turn up with anything. I see Trumpeter 00347 and Italeri 6436. Does anyone know any positive or negative things about the kits and is there one better than the other. My thoughts were on a diorama depicting one that has come to shore on D-Day with Soldiers running on the beach. Dan
  5. Colin, so if I understand you on the diamond shape joint plates, since I have settled on doing the blue and red scheme Royal Navy one that the diamond shape joint plates will be vertical? Does anyone have a picture of them?
  6. Finally got the other side done with the ribs. Still need to do some touch up work and add some more details. Hard to find time at the model bench when the weather is starting to get nice out.
  7. Thanks everyone on your comments and looking in on this build. For paint scheme was looking at doing the blue and red one. Was wondering if anyone on here can tell me if the color call out for the blue and red is correct? They call for Humbrol colors Blue is 157 Red is 153 Dan
  8. Just a small update. Got the ribbing done on one side just have to add the triangle plates at the joints. Didn't think I could clean up the ribs that came in the kit so made my own. Any positive and negative feedback welcome.
  9. Greetings everyone. Got this kit last month and decided to start on it. After getting the windows cut out for the HU.5 version decided to tape it together and see how it looks. Still have a lot of clean up work to do on the seams. Will start putting the ribs in tomorrow in the cargo bay area. Since the only thing out there is the rotor blade fold set and the exhaust set from Scale Warship Store which I might pick up the exhaust set but hoping for almost out of the box build. Dan
  10. Sovereign Hobbies, Just found this here after searching for colors to do a 1/32 EE Lightning. Thanks for telling me a place here in the USA that is a outlet for these. Will order from H & B Hobbies. Dan
  11. siamese

    Whirlybird Models?

    Does anyone know if Roger's website is working? I tired the link above and comes back page can't be displayed. Looking for his 1/32 F.1/F.3 EE Lightning BAC corrections sets to upgrade it to a T.5 for a aircraft that was at Binbrook around 1982. Dan
  12. Is there anyone here that is close to the Bovington Tank Museum that could help me out with some pictures and maybe a couple measurements? Dan
  13. couple more pictures of the update sets.
  14. Greeting everyone. I have the work bench cleaned off and now will start this very slow build of the 1/16 Tiger I from Hobby Boss. It does need some improvements and following what several people here have said it is easier to make this a Mid Production Tank. First off was to get rid of the clump of plastic that would have house the batteries. Looking at using Verlinden engine compartment and engine and open the engine lid. I also have a couple Aber update sets with more coming to help out this model. Here is a couple pictures of the bottom before and after I got rid of the clump of plastic. Dan
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