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  1. You Tube does have a limited amount of footage on the big railway guns, I too could do with a lot more info on the Sevastapol guns, my Dragon kit waiting patiently.
  2. This is a wonderful build, well done, the painting is spot on as well, Earthshock is one of my fave episodes.
  3. More work done. I now had a box of bits so that I could start the kit again, washing down, sanding, repairing torn corners and bent bits, all of my own damage on stripping the thing down. Mr Davros was pretty fragile, first job was in sanding the cut halves against a sheet of fine wet and dry paper sellotaped to my desk top. Davros was then glued together and I started work on the broken hand a resin head. I drilled out the detail in the head support and will probably drill fine holes to support the new head wiring. All of the skirts needed rescuing, all will be backed with plastic card and any gaps filled. After using my new Tamiya razor saw to take off the vac formed skirt supports: I used black plasticard to fabricate the new Davros base, this will be scribed to make fitting the adjusted skirt panels. Thats about it for now.
  4. Really impressive Don, I always wanted one of these, can't wait to see the final build.
  5. Licencing will always be a problem, although I would be delighted with Airfix re-releasing their Eagle and Hawk I wiould be just stunned if a company like Moebius took it on. There are loads of sites that have detailed shots of the Eagle, I tend to drift towards Martin Bower and Dave Sissons because they are so close to the people who really did it. There is a Warp 1/72 Eagle I believe currently up for sale on this site at a very reasonable price.
  6. This is a Revell easy kit on sale for half price due to a crushed box. I would love to say it went together easy but it didn't. Since all the parts were pre-painted great care was taken trying to "snap-fit" pose-able joints. Paint had to be carefully scrubbed off in most places and I finally gave up the chase and went for a full re-paint. All the open socket/joints were filled with milliput and smoothed over, an allen key was pressed into the centres just to tart them up a bit. The pilot is some kind of vinyl with some noticable seams, could'nt do much about it, even with brand new blades, so a new paint job was as much as I could do. The base was from an old toilet roll holder and a bit of polyfilla and a very light blue wash. I also added a little bit of scenics water resin.
  7. This was done a couple of years ago, there should be a little transparent disk on the front, made to replicate the little propeller spinning around, lost to the carpet monster. Its a nice large kit suitable for any level however you will need a superglue to cement it all together if you can't stand snap fit.
  8. You are a gentleman amongst gentlemen. Yes absolutely, there was no front console with my kit and I could do with a piccie taken against a ruler for scale, any chance? Grovel grovel. Dave
  9. Lovely build, I think the colours are fine. Is that Blue on the nacelles a decal or paint?
  10. Very nice Paul, I have two on the go at the moment along with a Tom Baker to the same scale. The Katy Manning photoshoot was widely reported and easily checked on line. Very much tongue in cheek but nice. Comet Miniatures supplied both the tv Dalek and Movie Dalek to me as a discounted set. They had no boxes! As I am a builder and not a collector I was pleased to save a few quid for something I would recycle anyway.
  11. They sure were a forward thinking company, sadly missed along with Halcyon.
  12. From a popular auction site came an assembled Sevans Dalek. Knowing they cost a fortune if lucky enough to find an example intact I bid for this immediately and it was posted to me darned quick. It was a very sad example of the model assemblers art. Important bits were missing and a lot was broken, good job not a lot of money was spent however the time taken to get it all back together was going to be long. The kit was originally a Davros from the Peter Davison era (you know..the one with Dirty Den) and I really wanted a Genesis version, so the DVD came out and I started sketching the bits I needed to amend or scratchbuild. First job was to strip the enamel paint from the plastic. My weapon of choice is good old Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner. I sprayed the entire kit with the cleaner, marigolds and fresh air essential here, placed the lot in a carrier bag and waited a couple of hours. The spray was rinsed thoroughly and an old toothbrush scrubbed most of the paint off, more than one attempt was made. The next job was to remove the side skirts due to a fillet being used by the original modeller. This was not going to be easy, some glue was loosened by the paint removal, some type of welding glue was used on most of it and OMG araldite. Brute force and a razor saw got the rest off. I knew that additional plastic card would have to be used to rebuild the base, too much was hacked off during the removal. The 5th scale Davros was a lot easier to clean up, the body halves literally fell apart and the resin hands and head were easy to scrub clean with loads of water and the toothbrush. The head antennae were missing, I would have to scratchbuild using soldering wire and dressmaking beads. Thats about it for now, this will be an occasional post as I am also doing other Daleks and Dr Who figures.
  13. The Film and Television Modelling Club (FTVMC) were set up in the north east of england twenty years ago. They produce a quarterly magazine called Drone which you can only obtain by subscription. Price dependant on where you are in the world. I can take some snaps and pass them on to you. Content is anything cult, sci fi, horror, real space, inner space etc etc. They have a web page (still under construction) and their own facebook page, just look for FTVMC, if you have trouble finding it, just ask. I will post my doodlebug asap (I lost my photo's and need to take more).
  14. The March 2013 Airfix Model World magazine has a seven page full colour build up of the ancient Revell Snark missile in full colour. Looks stunning. Hope this is of help.
  15. Thank you for this, my Revell Shuttle just waiting for inspiration, that stack is huge!
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