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  1. Hello Alan, Very good to hear from you. I am very glad that you have found the inspiration to move fearther. And for the hobby it is beautiful that you have joined with the American Connection. You mentioned a few project. I have missed the Airbus A330 MRTT project. I hope you donnot deleated this project. If you need some information, photo's for this project i will help you as far as i can. Joop
  2. Hello Alan, very sorry to hear that all your current projects are on hold or canceled. I think people forget that it takes a lot of work to achieve anything in any area at all. On the other hand, you cannot make everyone 100% happy. I know for sure that I also include that there are enough people who appreciate your work and also realize that for work and energy there are certain projects. I hope that after a period of rest you will pick up some things where you also get satisfaction. Stay healthy for the coming period and I hope we can meet again at anothe
  3. Hello again, A simular question about the Dash 8 of the (Dutch) Caribbean Coast Guard (AMP No.144003) The decals from this kit is there a possibility to make them in 1:72 scale? Of course all costs are reimbursed I hope to hear from you. Regards Joop
  4. Dear reader,


    i have seen beautiful decals and a beautiful kit from an KC-10 extender in 1/144 scale.

    But i am only building 1/72 scale.

    Is their a possibility to get your decals in 1/72 scale?


    Hope to hear from you soon


    Kind regards,


    J. Gelauf

    The Netherlands

    1. praded-dembelya


      Everything is possible. But it will be very expensive. One decal in 1/144 costs me 3 euros. with a circulation of 300 pieces. The smaller the circulation, the more expensive it is.


       Regards Sergey.



  5. Hello About the KC-10? Is it possible to make the decals in 1/72? Regards Joop
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