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  1. Thanks! Glad you like it. I have another suite of landing pictures which is not showing here yet : P
  2. OOB, Painting with Vallejo and Microscale.
  3. Hello Mike, I would recommend you use another way to airbrush this kind of metal color. Please try to mix it with the thinner 50% vs 50% with high pressure with multiple times. I think you will see more smooth surface later on.
  4. Thanks for reviewing this mask. Hoperfully I could manage to get website ready ASAP.
  5. That is the reference web site for you below, http://nibbio14.altervista.org/en/mk10l.php Aires and Plava both offered MK.10 eject seat.
  6. I do like it as well! Sometimes, just with few modification by photoshop : P . It's captured with the far distance, not close.
  7. jajajaja, You exactly got the point. Yes, this kit does not include pilots, when I was making this kit, I cannot find any pilots in the market.
  8. French Air Force Dassault Rafale is the one of my favorite jet. This model has good detail and combination. I painted it by using Vallejo with covering Micro Scale for protection.
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