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  1. can anyone tell me how luftwaffe f4 phantoms were armed in the early years of service while in norm 76 scheme sparrows and sidewinders ?
  2. Whats the best Humbrol colour for early Luftwaffe Phantoms and starfighers, i've been told 79 but it seems far o dark, must be Humbrol or Revell, thanks
  3. https://www.wonderlandmodels.com/these also supply xtracolour/acylic p&p lot cheaper than hannants aswell
  4. Can i build an Nf 2/3 Venom from the Airfix vampire trainer kit, looked at the frog sea venom but its a bit crude !
  5. So all you Tornado fans, i want to build sevaral Gr 1s in the grey/green wraparound sheme using up several of my old Modeldecal sheets, I would like to know though if weapons were specific to any squadron ie Sea Eagle for 617 squadron etc, many thanks
  6. piggypod1

    BBMF Lancaster

    what are lincoln fins
  7. piggypod1

    BBMF Lancaster

    I want to make a model of the Avro Lancaster contained in the current Airfix BBMF set but the original aircraft as it was in 194445 not the aircraft flying now, is it just a matter of altering the serial codes or is more work involved, thanks
  8. I've built the revell 111 and it goes together a lot easier than the airfix do 17z, think i'll stick with Revell lol
  9. what exactly is the difference between a p and h
  10. piggypod1

    Luftwaffe snakes

    Anyone got any ideas on how to brush paint "snake patten" for later years Luftwaffe aircraft. i've been scared stiff of trying but now fancy having a go
  11. I need to aquire some Bf 109f's in 1/72 for use with the Xtradecal Battle of Malta set and can only find the old Frog kit and the inaccurate Italeri offering. Would it be to much of a job to convert the latest Airfix 109g back to an f2 or f4
  12. I am making the Italeri 1/72 Sukhoi 34, It is a very nice kit and I am painting it in the original 3 blues colours. There seems to be an awful lot of weapons supplied and I was wondering if these would all be carried together or is there perhaps a more common weapon load. Any help from any Russian air foce exeperts would be of help, thanx
  13. Need some help guys regardng Russian Migs, were they silver/natural metal like the RAF lightnings or more of a grey overall, thinking particully of Mig 23 and 25,many thanks
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