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    All modelling, painting.
    Mainly try and stick to 1/144th( usually failing miserably)
    Enjoy scratchbuilding, converting and straightforward kitbashing

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  1. McYellowbelly

    Airfix 1/24 Spitfire Mk1

    That's obviously fake: 1) the panel lines aren't black 2) the panels aree monotone, all panels fade in the centre 3) no soot trails from the guns over the wings 4)tyres aren't flat 5) crowbar's wrong colour
  2. McYellowbelly

    For Sale in Ontario Canada

    I've travelled to model shops that had less than that! Would be interested but only 10 1/48 Tamiya Lancasters, looking for 11!
  3. McYellowbelly

    144th.co.uk Lightnings

    Did anyone get any pics of the 144th.co.uk Lightning F1, F3, T4 and T5 at Telford? Also a huge decal sheet was promised. Fingers crossed
  4. McYellowbelly

    Atlas Cheetah D2 - 1:144 Fox One

    Lovely work, nice to see some 144th kits. Fox One are lovely models, but pricey!
  5. Nose looks wrong whatever it is!
  6. McYellowbelly

    A day of heavies

    Look even better in sand/earth/black Lovely photots, always been disappointed when I've been past Prestwick, one day i'll get lucky!
  7. McYellowbelly

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    Bits of tree.......
  8. McYellowbelly

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    Heard a helicopter this afternoon, struggled to see it. Got a glimpse of RAF Puma at about 250ft heading west towards Stirling. Heard there are flights for Air Cadets being made from Leuchars, maybe one of these?
  9. Was doing similar over Stirling/Alloa/hillfoots on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th, was D-FIBE, white and red. Be interested to see whatever results they come up with
  10. McYellowbelly

    Minion pilots

    WW1 pilot is at planning stage
  11. McYellowbelly

    Minion pilots

    Theres more to come, US and Japanese.............
  12. McYellowbelly

    Minion pilots

    Sculpted these for Retrokit, picked up castings at Scottish Nationals. Battle of Banana and Luft banana. Next job is a Meng Spitfire to give Battle of Banana something to fly!
  13. McYellowbelly

    T-shirt funnies

    Favourite t-shirt I've seen was being worn by a biker friend: It said: 'I have a beautiful daughter....I also have a shotgun, a shovel and an alibi'
  14. Hasegawa F16 Eggplane, Retrokit cockpit and exhaust,decals by TwoBobs Amazed still that there is so much aftermarket for eggplanes! White is Halfords primer,orange is Hataka,hand painted. Lacquer is Halfords matt, works a treat BUT...make sure you put klear over your decals...... that's why there are wrinkles in the USAF ! Dropped this more times than I care to remember, tricky little thing to hold.