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  1. another nice one Barry without the e. George
  2. If you want a good yellow use pink as a primer instead of white. Works great. George
  3. Barry I am out of superlatives. George
  4. Hard to tell for sure but if I were to hazard a guess I would go with smooth George .
  5. Boy Tony that is warped! I had a friend(no longer with us) who was in the RAF and flew Mosquitos but he told me that the Dragon Rapid was his favorite plane to fly. He also survived a crash due to engine failure while flying the mosquito. George.
  6. Looks like another beauty coming Barry. Cheers, George.
  7. Another looker Jean. Built the same model same scheme many years ago. Cheers, George
  8. As usual Libor, a real beauty. love the scheme. George PS: Enjoyed your book.
  9. A bit of a departure for you Jean. But non the less another beauty. Cheers, Georges
  10. Agree with everything said above. Not much to add but I like your style. George
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