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  1. What everyone else said and then some. Cheers, George
  2. Try using fairly hot water to release Tamiya decals from the backing, George
  3. That is very nice Jean. Cheers, George
  4. Very nicely done Brewer. Did you shorten the main undercarriage? George
  5. Thanks Slim. yeah Dragon kits take a lot of patience
  6. thank you for the kind words. It took me about 4 sessions to finish squiggles. i it
  7. This is the Dragon Ju188 In 1/48. Not an easy build. Fit of some parts very poor and in some cases the Instructions were of no help. The fuselage needed to be rescribed as the panel lines did not line up. Some panel lines on the wings just faded away. But as with most Dragon kits when built look good. Gunze paints were used through a Paasche H1 and the squiggles done with a Badger 200 with the extra fine head.
  8. Good to see you are still hacking Slim. Another beauty. Look foreword To seeing you when all this madness is done.
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