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  1. This sort of reminds me of the time when SWMBO got so fed up with our two dogs (Patch the handsome Patterdale and Tallulah the chunkiest ugliest JR/Pug cross - but we love her!!) constantly barking at anything that even considered moving in our neighbourhood. She decided that they needed training collars, the type that puffs a jet of air into the dog’s faces to distract them at the push of a remote. Now it was at the time that the electric-shock version of such collars were being made illegal to buy/use in the UK. Therefore lots of pet shops were selling them off on the cheap. One Amazon parcel later (well one without a kit in anyways!) and Mrs FC is well chuffed with her great value purchase, so Patch and Tallulah get buckled in and Mrs FC starts to demonstrate how they work to her friend using Patch as her not so willing volunteer. Patch’s collar gets set to puff and Mrs FC presses the remote - Nothing. She presses it again and again - nada, nix! Pressy, pressy, pressy, pressy, press, press, press. Now Mrs FC is turning the air blue about how she’d been sold a pup (see what I did there??!!). I’m looking through the door from my modelling room and all I can see is Tallulah who had sensibly retreated to a safe distance leaping into the air every couple of seconds looking like she was doing star jumps. Now Mrs FC had mixed up the remotes whilst getting the two of them into their torture devices and hadn’t set Tallulah’s collar to puff, leaving it on the more violent setting. It’s always good to have something over your other half to retaliate with when my many faults get brought up in conversation!
  2. A lady after a haemorrhoids operation??? Anita Harris!!!
  3. I so wish I could say I was that man!!!!
  4. I remember getting all upset with a friend who told that joke. I told him that it had really upset me as I actually had had an epileptic friend who lost his life in a bathtub. "Sorry mate", he says "Did he drown?" "Nah mate, he choked on a sock!!!!"
  5. However you do it, as a story it'll be in tents!!!
  6. My parents told me that this condition is hereditary. Apparently it runs in our jeans!!!
  7. It seems that all the GB suggestions so far for 2025 dovetail sweetly with my stash (I have Revell, Tamiya and Airfix 1/48 Mossies in Squadron strength). Perhaps the stars have aligned, perhaps the Truman Show has been reprised as the Fatcawthorne Show (if so, no cameras in the Bathroom please!!!) or far more likely, having a stash that fills my garage to overflowing is actually a sign of a very serious mental illness!! In order to help progress my check up from the neck up, you'd better count me in!! Take care all Chris
  8. Can I play along nicely with either a Classic Airframes or Trumpeter 1/48 Supermarine Attacker? The stash also contains many Vampires, Meteors, Me262s, E28/39, Sea Hawks (if they can be backdated earlier than the FGA.6's that are the stock models) and Canberras which would be a welcome diversion from the batch of Hunters I'm building at present!!
  9. This looks like another cunning plan to stop me going off the rails............. Now my favoured Railway modelling genre is 1930's London Underground and unfortunately, the maker of most appropriate kits, Phil Radley, sadly passed away last year. His business is due to be resurrected but it hasn't happened yet. If Radley Models springs back to life than can you count me in with a Standard Stock 4-car set. Now if it hasn't by then, are trams tenuous enough to be included? I have plenty of Tower Models London Trams of that era if so.
  10. It's all Hurri up and wait (until 2025) again. Those of the British green-skin persuasion will identify!! I'd love to do a Rag Wing with you in 1/48. Got a choice between Classic Airframes and a Hasegawa with an MDC conversion. I'm sure it will be the conversion as I never seem to take the path of least resistance!
  11. My first flight was on an Air Malta 720 back in, ooh don't really want to think about it!!! If that's an acceptable version then I'll get my paws on a Roden kit and some 26 decals and play along nicely!! Take care all Chris
  12. I've just seen a trailer on YouTube showing that Disney are releasing a version of The Shepherd starring John Travolta. It looks like a winner!! I think a little bit of wee came out in the excitement!!! Take care all! Chris
  13. I'm in Colchester now, moved up there when my first son came along and we couldn't aford the upgrade from a 2 bed flat in Heathcote Grove to a house locally. My Mum's in Cherrydown Ave still as she never escaped, and my sis was in Whitehall Road until a year or so back. Still go down, but tend to meet at the Biker's Tea Hut at High Beech now as we've all got dogs to walk! Always loved being close to Epping Forest, not so proud now of the fact that some of my 17 or 18 year old self's Mk1 Ford Capri's wheelspin tyre tracks appeared in Full Metal Jacket as the scene where they were on a Platoon Run was filmed on the road that connected the Tea Hut to Epping New Road next to the junction with Rangers Road. Different times indeed!
  14. Know it well. My Nan lived in Hall Lane (my Mum still lives in Cherrydown Ave too) so when I went round hers whilst exploring the alleys round the back of the factories I'd always pick up loads of reject Matchbox cars thrown over the fence from the satellite Lesney factory there. Chase Lane Park, remember that well too. Used to play football there and loved the Youth Clubhouse. Was there a train ride there, not to the scale of the Ridgeway Park Model Railway, or am I starting false memories here. My Dad after splitting from my Mum moved up to West Scotland too, although not as high up as you must be. He's in Langbank on the south bank of the Clyde. Think he wanted to get me into St Mary's but my Mum's CofE so Larkswood it was (well before Harry Kane and David Beckham went there!!)! I had a couple of good Spurs Fan mates that went to St Mary's but they were a year or two younger than me so would be nippers in comparison!!! Did you stay around the Chingford area much longer? My haunts (obviously after turning 18 - yeah right!) were the Kings Head, The Bull & Crown plus The County Arms after school as I was at Sidney Burnell by then! My Teenage lads don't believe a word of any of my stories from those times, how things hav echanged eh!?
  15. I was 12 in 1978, living in New Road E4, virtually opposite Greaves and Penn Sports shop (owned the great Jimmy Greaves), near to Bishops Supermarket and its infamous Bishops Ramp up to the rooftop Car Park, where intrepid skateboarders, the latest craze of the time, would forever be breaking limbs (never had a skateboard so I had to make the trip in a shopping trolley until I got tipped headfirst into a pile of doggie-do on the grass verge of Brook Crescent opposite)! Obviously with this being my stomping grounds, Arts & Crafts was my weekly go to and I was devastated when this little oasis of calm closed down; it was like a part of my childood had died with it! My guess is either the B-29 or C-130 as I remember coveting them there, never having a fiver to spare! What schools did you go to Pat?
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