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  1. There are some hosted pictures gone i see.... Below are some replaced pics...
  2. Thanks everybody for the kind replies! Soon i will try to replace some lost pics.. Karel
  3. Well done Deacon! The weathering looks very convincing! Good too see the amount of subs here on the forum looks to be increasing.
  4. Another U-boat! Well done Deacon, very nice model!
  5. Very, very impressive.... Congratulations on your beautiful and neatly build Arizona.
  6. The effect of the oil canning is less visible because of the matte paint finish, in order to compensate this i highlighted each panel with my airbrush. Please don`t mind the different color tones in the pictures, they were taken with different light/camera settings. Karel
  7. The oil canning was quite a time consuming job, i `scraped` each panel until i reached the desired hollow shape with a round scalpel knife. To achieve a steel like skin on the lower welded panels i used a Dremel tool. Pictures say more then words: One half finished.. Tools i used for this job..
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