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  1. Oh chockywockydodah another Warren build, early starts again me thinks.
  2. Holy poo-poo ........ this is gonna be a monster. Big comfy chair an lots of beer to follow this one.
  3. Its just a freak of nature, Scottish water's on a cloudless sunny day. I'm sure we must have had one sometime in the past..... I will have to hone my skills on the water. My attempt was acrylic gel and beat the hell out of it with a plastic spoon until it sort of resembled waves. The polystyrene I used has black speckles in and gives some contrast under the blue. I got it from Wicks to line my garage roof with and had half a sheet left over.
  4. First ever submarine First attempt at water
  5. Just been reading up on Warspite A, B and X turrets had the ships gun crews and Y turret had a Royal Marine gun crew. Wonder if this was the case on other ships.
  6. Foo's yer doos. I have just started a model of HMS Victorious. Is there a link on here showing how to model the water? Will post a pic of where Im up too later.
  7. Never having done anything like this, how do you stop it from drying out in between builds?
  8. Oh great more early mornings. This is a bit of light hearted read. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Witch-Warspite-Dave-Stanley-ebook/dp/B00Q7H4Z38?ie=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0 Looking forward to another master class.
  9. wife kids dogs cat and rabbits keep mine even tighter...... lol
  10. Warren ..... If your really nearly finished, I can stop coming into work early....... Inspirational work here.
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