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  1. Whisperjet

    Edelweiss Air Decals

    Hi Since I will start working for Edelweiss Air soon I would love to build a model of one of the company's jets. I have the Revell A320 kit with the Edelweiss decals but I am also planing to build a widebody. I know there used to be a Gio Decals set with Hawaiian, Air Caraibes and Edelweiss decals but it seems to be impossible to find these days and it is the old livery anyways. Does anybody know if there are any other Edelweiss Air decals available from other manufacturers? The livery is quite attractive (imo) and the types are available as kits from Revell. Thank you and best regards
  2. Whisperjet

    American 707 from Heller 1/72 kit

    Hi Thank you very much for your feedback. The foil I am intending to use can be found in most hardware stores. I bought a roll of 50m which is 50mms wide. Apparently it is used for insulation. Regarding the American Airlines color scheme, I am still trying to find out which ares were painted (or not). Were the wings (except for the Coroguard) and the tail fin polished metal as well? They appear to be different on pictures. What about the engines? They look flat as well? Any inputs are welcome! Thank you Stefan
  3. Whisperjet

    American 707 from Heller 1/72 kit

    Hi guys I'm currently working on a 1/72 Heller Boeing 707. I just wanted a big plane, so I had no particular airline in mind when I started it. Now I discovered the 26 decals set for an American Airlines 707. I assume I can make one from the Heller kit (engine types etc)? Now I was wondering about the livery. I'm considering using very thin adhesive aluminium foil for the bare metal look. But judging from the pictures the AA 707s were never really shiny/polished? Or is it just the old pictures? It looks like the wings and the wing/fuselage transition were painted in light grey + coroguard? See a picture below of my trial. Is it an overkill? Thank you and best regards from Switzerland. Stefan
  4. Whisperjet

    Painting GE90 fanblades

    Hi guys I'm currently working on a Revell/Zvezda 777 and a 747-8. Do you have any suggestions on how to paint the fanblades? They are overall black with a thin silver front edge. How would you paint the edge? Seems to be quite a challenge to get it right. Thank you and best regards Stefan
  5. Whisperjet

    BMI a319/320 decals?

    The decals from the Revell kit are very nice, particularly the metallic effect on the titles.
  6. Whisperjet


    Deleted - not the buy and sell area, 100 post rule.
  7. Whisperjet

    Sibir (S7) greens

    Hi, thank you very much for your answer, will definitely be a good starting point for an own mixture. Stefan
  8. Whisperjet

    Sibir (S7) greens

    Hello, I'm currently working on a Tu-154M in the green S7 (Sibir) paint scheme. Has somebody done that livery before and can advice on the colors? I'm limited to Revell colors but any info would be helpful. Thanks! Stefan
  9. Whisperjet

    DC-6 into a DC-4

    Some sprue shots from the Nuremberg Toy Fair http://www.primeportal.net/models/thomas_voigt9/revell/index.php?Page=3
  10. Whisperjet

    Tuifly 737-800 DB Bahn ICE / REGIO

    D-ATUE and D-ATUC are in standard TUI c/s now, don't think Revell will ever issue kits with decals for the Deutsche Bahn liveries. Hope somebody they will make decals for the brand new Tropifrutti livery. http://worldairlinenews.com/2015/01/25/tuifly-to-introduce-a-new-haribo-logojet-named-haribo-tropifrutti/
  11. Whisperjet

    1/72 Tu-134A decals

    Hi, I am about to complete the Amodel Tu-134 and now I'm looking for decals. What I found so far are the two Balkan Bulgarian sets from 26decals and the upscaled Tu-134 decals from F-DCAL (which are quite expensive). Does anybody know of some other sources for 1/72 Tu-134 decals? After all there were so many different liveries on this type of aircraft... Thanks! Stefan
  12. Whisperjet

    1/72 Amodel TU 134

    Yes, I'm currently working on the kit. I really enjoy building it, the quality is far superior to the old Amodel kits. I can highly recommend the Neomega engine parts which are very useful and rather cheap to obtain from pas-models. The etched parts which are included in the kit don't appear too useful to me. Would be nice if extra tech or Eduard did a set.
  13. Whisperjet

    The Twotter is back!

    Ordered the kit a while ago and the shop promised to restock. Now they told me the kit was currently unavailable from Revell which seems quite strange considering it was only released in September...
  14. Whisperjet

    BPK 737-200 engine parts (etched)

    Aftermarket parts won't work as there aren't any for a Boeing 737-200 in this scale except complete resin engines... Any other suggestions?
  15. Whisperjet

    SAS grey alternative

    Revell suggests 371 grey which doesn't look too bad to me. I have the feeling that the grey on the SK planes varies to some degree anyways. Stefan