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  1. I just finished building the AT-AT, fantastic kit!
  2. Thanks guys. Taking a break from the SD as I need to buy fiber. But being out of work for recovery I have no money to buy any. So, it's put up and I pulled out my Bandai AT-AT.
  3. Thanks, getting stronger every day. My surgeon said he has never seen anyone recover as quickly as I have so far.
  4. Fantastic pictures gimme shelter! Enjoying your Cooper build log. Sadly, progress on mine has slowed as I had a heart attack 2.5 weeks ago along with a 7 artery open heart bypass. Slowly getting back into it though.
  5. Here is the finished 1/2700 Falcon. It's so hard to get any clear pictures of it! The engines are not as bright in person, it's much more realistic. And yes, light is shining through the canopy as well. Officially the smallest model I have ever lit!!!!
  6. Ah, very cool pictures. Would love to see more of them here.
  7. Thanks, I can't see them here at work, but will check them out when I get home tonight!
  8. Finished up the Tantive IV this morning. Again, what an awesome little model it is! And all lit up! Now on to finish the lighted Falcon!
  9. Thanks guys. I'll have more to post over the next few days. Not sure what size the LEDs are, but yeah, they are TINY. Soldering up a few is not bad, doing many would try my patience! I use the squeeze to open pointy tweezers to hold them while I solder.
  10. So I picked up from Age of Plastic on Shapeways his Tantive and two pack of Falcon's. Thanks to Shapeways, they actually sent me three Falcons and then the Mouse slammed his fist down and the Falcons got removed from the site. I think mine were the last to make it out alive. The Tantive is a marvel of miniature 3D printed engineering being design to be lit. And that's what I did. Each engine tube is hollow to accept 1mm fiber. The main body of the ship is also hollow to run a 1mm fiber up to the open cockpit window. To light this little beastie I solder up two Pico LEDs and glued them back t
  11. From what I have heard is that the UK release has sold out. The US release is now scheduled for July issue.
  12. Argh, pics are blocked here at work. I'll check them out when I get home. Sounds cool though!
  13. Nice. I also have this kit. Messed with it a bit and then got shelved. I need to kit it back out. Will be following your build.
  14. Not a model, but scifi related, came last week. Airsoft version of Han Solo's DL-44. This is the one by Armorer Works. It's all metal and weighs just over 2 pounds. I'm in the middle of weathering it right now. I have a new 3D printed grill being made for it. Great fun on semi and full auto! Stock out of the box after assembly. After some weathering. Still a ways to go.
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