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  1. I was stationed at March AFB back in the late 80's. The museum was not quite the collection it is now. Very nice photo's! Derek
  2. My cohort who worked F-111's says that they were painted black as well.
  3. Here's a photo of one of the T-38's that I mentioned. I would love to do this paint scheme:
  4. For what it's worth, The T-45 trainer here at McDonnell Douglas/Boeing was painted Int. Orange. I can't say with the same certainty that earlier Navy trainers didn't deviate, but I think orange is still a safe bet.
  5. From a discussion on ARC: Navy jets are painted FS 12197 International Orange and white. Hope that helps.
  6. I have been waiting for a good T-38 Talon! Here at Robins, we get the pilots from Columbus M.S. (pilot training) coming in weekly. The paint job is a very cool gloss light/dark grey camo.
  7. When the C-17 is stripped of paint, it really shows off how much composite is on the aircraft. More than most people think, I'm sure.
  8. As promised, here's a photo of a C-130 here at Robins for maintenance with some very cool nose art: A C-130 Talon stripped down: Our C-17 prepped for depot maintenance: And finally, a pair of Raptors that stopped by earlier in year:
  9. Foggy morning here at Robins AFB. When it lifts, I'll grab some photos from the line. In the meantime, this "hog" was here last week: http://i1277.photobucket.com/albums/y500/DerekHartman/024.jpg
  10. I give the box art to my youngest son who is into aircraft and recylce the rest. I use tupperware boxes (the clear kind) for storage so I can quickly see what goodies I have hidden inside. Derek
  11. F-32, We have a C-130 here undergoing maintenance that has some very interesting nose art. I'll grab a picture of that this morning and then take my two boys out to the museum this afternoon for some shots from there. Derek
  12. We also have the Globemaster II here at Robins. If there are any photos in particular you want, I think I can help. Also, I am a Boeing employee (Working on the C-17 Globemaster III) and can get additional photos from the library. Shout out if you would like some. Derek
  13. Hmmmm. Edwards Air Force Base may have a say about best places for military aviation. As for museums, I live next to the Museum of Aviation at Robins AFB, Georgia. I really should get some photos posted from there. Lots of really interesting stuff (though mainly U.S. aircraft).
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