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  1. Strewth there's a LOT of work in that conversion but you'd never know it's not an OOB build! Nice!!
  2. I LOVE the Airfix 1/48 Gnat & this is looking good. It really is a TINY aeroplane!
  3. That seat & cockpit are STUNNING!
  4. Great work. The Tanmodel is nice, I've built one & have another in the stash! Great work. The Tanmodel is nice, I've built one & have another in the stash!
  5. Not quite shake & bake but quite pleasing for all that. The joining of the upper & lower fuselage/wing halves was quite trying, a bit of filler around the intakes & I don't see how the windscreen fits without shaving a bit of material off the base of the gunsight! A tail sitter & as I didn't have any depleted uranium lying around I used lead fishing weights but sadly it was impossible to squeeze in enough to keep it on it's nose wheel! I built it as an FB5, using the expended undercarriage legs & flat wing tips (the kit includes a pair of the latter but tbf I found them a bit too thin so I attached the rounded F3 tips, then cut & sanded them to shape before adding the clear navigation lights from the kit). Decals from an old Xtradecal sheet for 20 squadron. I dropped the flaps & opened the air brakes which may not be commonly seen on the ground but the Vampire is quite a clean airframe & I simply wanted to add a bit of visual interest! Certainly looks nice when completed.
  6. Shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted here but as a general rule, it's often helpful to attach parts such as these to their respective fuselage halves BEFORE joining said halves. This way you can line them up just so on the outside then either sand flat on the mating sides or use plasticard "shims" as may be required.
  7. Nice work so far. I have to say that - on my build at least - it's a bit of a "filler queen". The joint between the upper & lower fuselage was awful & I couldn't for the life of me see why! Also adding the intakes resulted in gaps top & bottom; I tried to achieve the best possible joint on the tops but quite a bit of filler needed beneath! I'm building as an FB9 so using the extended starboard intake & the squared off wing tips. Looking at plans I considered the supplied parts a bit too thin so I attached the rounded tips & cut & sanded them to shape in situ, using the nav lights provided.
  8. Nice. The crews that flew those in combat against the Japanese must have been incredibly brave & so many were lost.
  9. Reading this I now realise that the flat wing tips I fitted this morning & thought weren't a brilliant fit, being too short are probably correct as I hadn't twigged the clear nav lights! Just had to rush upstairs & hack them off for refitting after I've attached the ailerons!! Idiot!!!!
  10. Goes together nicely doesn't it! Nice job on the cockpit but I have to say I found it the weakest part of the kit with the moulding of the side consoles & the side panels being a bit soft? Anyway apart from that its a beauty (when decalling if using the kit stencils, they stick on contact & need plenty of fluid to position them!)
  11. The decals were my only problem, especially the stencils which stuck as soon as they touched, needing to be kept quite wet for repositioning. I also sprayed the back area around the cockpit & anti-glare panel - partial decals are supplied but good luck painting as required with black paint to match the decal colour!
  12. Fine for things like undercarriages, ordinance & other small details but I wouldn't recommend painting ANY airframe parts before gluing, filling, sanding etc.
  13. Just completed & probably the best fitting model I've encountered!
  14. Love it! I'm on the home straight with an "A" model & everything you say about the fit I agree with!
  15. IIRC Xtracolour provide these colours but as enamels.
  16. Two lovely models! Fond memories of nailing both these together as a kid!
  17. Currently working on the original release but will grab one of these!
  18. The Mark I was a rather agricultural looking plane with a 3 piece (?) canopy & square topped fins & rounded wingtips. Thereafter, the canopy changed to a two piece affair. Mks 2&3 retained rounded wingtips, thereafter square tips. On the later marks, the only really visible differences may have been weapons carried (i.e., bombs/rockets/tanks). This ignores "foreign" Vampires such as Swiss (which you mentioned) & the French. Others may know more or other subtle differences but HTH in the meantime.
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