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  1. Arcturus

    Ju-87A, Trumpeter, 1:32

    Thanx a lot! I'm glad you like this ugly bird. I decided to do Hungarian one because almost all Antons I'have seen in internet are in markings from Spanish Civil War.
  2. Here is my Anton in 1:32 in Hungarian markings. Trumpeter's kit is not bad, but (as we can expect ) has some minor innacuracies. Some of them were corrected, some weren't... The building was generally without problems. I used Eduard's PE and Montex painting masks. Paints - as usually in my case, Tamiya and MrHobby. Hope you enjoy!
  3. Arcturus

    Fw-190 A-8, Eduard+Karaya, 1/48

    Majority of resin replacements mounted: the new tail, MG's cover and engine cowling fit perfect. Time for some small corrections and riveting (already started on the rear part of the fuselage).
  4. Hi folks, after few galleries I decided to start my first build report here. I am going to build Eduard's Weekend Fw-190 A-8 using Karaya correction and upgrade kit. Karaya kit is rich of parts, both PE and (mainly) resin: And work in progress...
  5. Arcturus

    P-51B Mustang, 1:48, Tamiya

    Thankx for all kind words! In fact this Mustang was a kind of experiment - first step of painting was a coat of H8 silver from MrHobby, then typical pre-shading on panel lines, and in another step, I did irregular preshading on some panels, using sponge and various tones of grey paint. It was a base for final painting - the effect is barely visible on photos, but realy interesting IMO. Worth to try!
  6. Arcturus

    Hurricane Mk.I, Airfix 1/48

    Thanx, guys, once again! Thanx, Troy! You're right about the spinner and propeller. I'm looking for the correct one to replace... Observation about the tailwheel is also usefull, that should be corrected. Fortunatelly it is easier thing to do that looking for correct spinner The main wheels are in fact from Eduard. They look great with delicate details, but they may be incorrect in size... Both decals that I used (Cartograf from the box and Techmod) are thin and delicate react positivelly for Set/Sol, that's the whole secret. I use RB riveter, and unlike many other modellers, I don't polish riveted surface with sandpaper. This is why "the rivets" are not only small holes, but look more than "craters" - they are rised a little. It gives more visible effect under the decals
  7. Hi, here is a famous "MEG X" from my workbench. The model is generally OOB, with addition of Eduards PE and painting masks by Montex (almost all markings were painted). Hope you enjoy!
  8. Arcturus

    Hurricane Mk.I, Airfix 1/48

    Thanx a lot for kind words! The mast was mounted correctly, but later on I used elastic thread as the antenna wire... And the mast, made of this soft Airfix's plastic, bent...
  9. Hi everybody, here is my recently finished Hurricane Mk.I in 306, Polish RAF squadron markings. Very pleasant kit to build. I added Eduards PE, exhaust, whells, Techmod decals and some scratch-building details (riveting, anti-glare plates etc). I used dedicated MrHobby paints of C-series. I hope you enjoy, Artur
  10. Arcturus

    ICM LaGG-3, 1:48

    Thanx! Such painting scheme was proposed by Montex. To be honest, I did not investigate the topic deeply... Now I know, that this intepretation of BW photos was probably wrong, but it is too late to repaint. I thinh that LaGG looks great in this scheme, even if it is SF
  11. Hi, everyone! My recently finished LaGG-3... I used Eduard's PE and resin gunsight by Quickboost. All the markings painted using Montex masks. Painted was done, as usually in my case, using Tamiya and Mr.Hobby acrylics. Hope you enjoy
  12. Thanx once again for all kind words! This kit is probably not the best kit in the world, but when finished, looks definitelly like Whirlwind. Thus, do not afraid to build it