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  1. I thought Hobbyboss will be releasing one later this year. Saw in on Scalemates.
  2. Nicely done. Just wondering how the wiring for the TOW launcher to the control unit is done. You seem to have done a fine job but I can't clearly see where the cables lead to on the launcher. It would be great if you can take a close-up photograph of how the cables are run.
  3. Beautiful build. Just wondering if this is the RFM kit.
  4. Superb Thud as had been said. There is nothing to add. Just simply brilliant. I have the same kit in the stash but I recalled that there is no option for the centerline pylon with bomb rack. The HB kit only provided the centerline drop tank. May I know where is the centerline pylon is from? I would want to model mine with a centerline bomb rack with 750lb GP bombs and Sidewinder/ECM pod on the outer wing pylons. Once again, a brilliant build. I will be more than happy if mine come out half as nice as yours.
  5. Brilliant built!!! Any chance of posting photographs on the underside? I would love to see how the model is mounted.
  6. I am starting the Meng Models Merkava Mk.3 Baz with mine roller. I am trying to find out how the power cable for the solenoids on the 0.50 Cal on top of the main gun is laid out. I have found quite a few photographs on the net showing the arrangement on the Mk.4 but none for the Mk.3. My questions are: a) how does the power cable go into the tank? b) is the layout similar to the Mk.4, where the cable goes into the turret on the left, near the smoke grenade launchers? Any photograph showing this will be most appreciated. Many thanks in advance.
  7. Nice... I'm doing the TAKOM version at the moment. Lots of fiddly parts... I will be really happy if mine can reach 50% of your beautiful replica.
  8. As mentioned, simply superb builds. How is the transporter? Any AM used? The cabling and wiring for the transporter is OOB?
  9. Absolutely brilliant. Hard to believe this is 1/72. If only I have 10% of your skills.
  10. Great looking model. Just wondering if the tail flash on the starboard side is applied upside down.
  11. Where's the plane??? Jk. The digital paintwork really works!!! Great looking plane!!!
  12. Wow, nice. How did you mount the airplane for the in-flight pose?
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