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Ian Suds

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  1. love it. If it was swallowed without being chewed you may still be able to use it it
  2. Very warm welcome. Nice work on those models.
  3. This one to follow, so I'm jumping aboard. Keep up the good work, no need to hurry.
  4. Excellent example of a Stryker, great paint work and weathering. Love your shading techniques.
  5. Ian Suds

    Hello All

    Hi and welcome. I'm sure you will find all the help you need on this forum, good luck with your DC3 build.
  6. Great work, you've certainly done the RS1600 MkI in 1:1 scale proud.
  7. So it was the shed burglars rather than the car thieves you would have had to worry about lol.
  8. Nice one, Mini turned out well, wonder what Mr. Bean would make of that.
  9. My first would have to be- Renaultsport Megane 250 ( Because I love all things Renault Sport) something older-- Austin A70 Hampshire ( Because my dad had one ) Ford Cortina MkIV ( Because it was a good idea from rio )
  10. Totally agree that it needs at least one if not two figures, so I have been searching and found KFS do two around that time in 1:24. They are overalls rather than combats but better than nothing. That cup of tea needs someone to drink it lol. Just got to get around to ordering them, if anyone knows of any other suitable 1:24 figures I would appreciate the heads up.
  11. Thanks for putting onto your build, I somehow missed this one, excellent scratch building and a job well done. Coming on nicely, I didn't particularly like driving these, at 6' I found them damned uncomfortable.
  12. I've always used PVA glue. Excess can be carefully washed with a brush. None of my models have ever become unstuck, still as solid as the day they were glued. Even this Land Rover is solid and I bet it is heavier than the aircraft.
  13. In case anyone is wondering the tow chain came from an idea when I was delivering a new window winder set to a local garage. I asked the mechanic to cut a length of wire off the broken one, it just looked right to add to my stash for future use.
  14. Right here we go. Must have a mug of tea somewhere
  15. OoPs, not uploaded the correct photos to photobucket. So in Voice Procedure--Wait Out.
  16. Inspired by havoc's model of italeri's 109 FFR Land Rover i decided to have a go myself. I liked this kit and enjoyed the build and simple base scenery. The story is of a crew who are on a range day but have been tasked with closing a track to the public for safety before their turn on the range. First some photos of the weathering to the chassis.
  17. Wow! Great paintwork, envy your figure painting.
  18. Thanks to this build I took an interest in doing this kit myself. Purchased and now completed, just leaves me to open a finished build thread when the laptop is next fired up.
  19. Coming on nicely. Just had to try one of those pens so I have just placed an order on Amazon.
  20. So I'm not the only who has to put with moans about how long I've spent working on a model.
  21. I'm sure it will be. It isn't my next project as I'm busy with a Renault Vivastella which is a Heller kit at the moment. Without rushing you I'm looking forward to the completed project
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