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  1. Hi Brit and other modelers! Recently I finished working on another one of my Sukhoi projects. This time I chose my first two-seater, technology demonstrator for the Chinese PLAAF. The reason why I chose simple gray paint scheme instead of more attractive colorful schemes is because this two-color scheme better showcases the aircrafts beautiful shape. My next project will be a Su-35S and the paint scheme will be very similar. This particular aircraft has the blue "372" number on side of both intakes, and it got that number during the Paris airshow. I think that Tr
  2. Thank You guys! So this will be Stigler - Galland Me 262! I must admit that i didn't know story about 'white 3' because when i type Me 262 in google it mostly shows aircraft with this markings and Adolf Galland's name. And most decals shows the same. Never mind, beautifull plane, great pilots - this is it. Thank's to all of You for help. Now let's go to build something!
  3. Wow! That's realy beautiful! I hope that my Messer will be close as is possible regarding overall quality of the model You represent here. Thank's for this pictures, they will help a lot!
  4. Thank you for the information. I was unable to find a copy of the book, would it be too much of me to ask you to take a picture of the said photo? I would be most grateful if you could.
  5. Me-262 experts, I need help! 1/48 Tamiya model with some aftermarket detail set are on my desk and in a few days work on this beautifull plane will begin. Again, I have problem with paint scheme. Can't find any photo of this particular aircraft, 'white 3'. I find some sideway profiles, but none from upper side. I even don't know if this aircraft had two shades of green or only one. Any sugestion I will appreciate, off course. Thank You all in advance!
  6. Hi again! Noelh, Mikemx, Don McIntyre, Mungo, Boman, thank's for information - I will listen yours advices and I will not armed my Mustang with Hvars. Problem was that I already drill the holes in the wings before I glued them together. And model is allready painted and decals are on places. My son who have Facebook account tried to contact mr. Yeager but he didn't get any answer, and unfortunately I can't wait forever to finish Chuck's leady! But I allready close the holes very sucsesfully, and even with the glasses (which I need for reading - and modeling) You can't see anything but n
  7. Hi! I have very simple question: My Chuck Yeager's P-51D Tamiya Mustang is almost done, and, because I have nice Eduard's Hvar rockets will I make big mistake if I put them under wings of Glamorous Glen III? Is it possible that mr. Yeager never was in ground attack mission? I can't find any photo where some Mustang from 357 f.g. cary even wing pylons for Hvar! Or I'm blind? Thank You in advance!
  8. Houston, we dont have a problem! Thank You.
  9. Thank You all for compliments, but this one...from Banff!? This is really unbelivable. Thanks mate!
  10. Totally agree with You. It was 'cheaper' solution for my nerves . And I was never build a tree, so your idea will be applied in the next work!
  11. For those who like B&W photos, this one is taken before diorama was finished, on the table, I like it.
  12. The story is...RAF has never used Austin Tilly in WW2, they used some other vehicles. But Tamiya put in one limited edition box Mossie together with Austin, and also they have shown a wrong - RAF- paint scheme, which is nice to see but it's not accurate. That's what I know, I learned that on this forum!
  13. Well, I decided to put Tilly in this diorama exactly with that intention! !
  14. Hi to all Brit-and-other-modellers ! First of all, this is my very first diorama, so don't be to critical on this work! Next one will be better, I hope. But this one is nice to me, so I hope You will enjoy. So, this is 1/48 Tamiya Mosquito FB VI with Austin Tilly (I know, wrong car in wrong place, forgive me); Nissen Hut and bomb trolley are Flightpath, RAF pilots and ground personel is Tamiya - Revell, starter trolley is 100% scratchbuilded. Diorama is dedicated to Max Guedj and his copilot Langley; 143 squadron, Banff Strike Wing; they lost their lifes 15.01.1945. over Norway. Thank's
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