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  1. 47 minutes ago, TonyOD said:


    I thought the joke was funny but you mentioned a certain individual who has been active in the political arena, let's say - that's probably enough! 😁

    Maybe... there was something in those individuals that I didn't know because I'm not British? I had no idea that S-man, 😺 woman or - - (the man you can't see!) were political.

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  2. I did the jig-trick in my first Revell Ju 88 builds too. Then I began cementing the landing gear in place because I noticed they could be better (brush-)painted while being already assembled, the nacelles are easy to build around them and the legs are sturdy enough to endure the rigors of assembling the rest of the kit. I believe Hasegawa kit is the same. Oh, the wheels must be left off until the nacelles are done! V-P

  3. 24 minutes ago, TonyOD said:


    The naughtiness and politicalness did for them, possibly? 🙂

    I can assure you, there was nothing political in my post. Naughtiness, on the other hand, plenty of :coolio:

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  4. I thought I posted a naughty superhero joke a while ago, and now I can't find the other recent one either (apparently "Pinocchio" was not a superhero) :hmmm:


    Is there some kind of a ™️ or ©️ issue that alerts the mods and deletes them before corporate lawyers sue the forum? I'm happy with it, if that's indeed the case, but feel like we haven't been informed about it, to avoid it. V-P

  5. On 21/10/2022 at 12:51, PhantomBigStu said:

    Cheers, indeed photos of the real thing show a slight variation over the wing area in the green, but have since repainted with the less green version of the same branded OD on the P-47 once realised just how close it is once matted down, can you tell where the green drab meets the olive drab, I can't and I know where it does. D9733-F02-E0-E0-4-CAC-9-EEC-E2-BFD79-F2-

    Very sad news from the air show circuit today. In a Dallas air show, the Texas Raiders had a fatal mid-air collision with a P-63 fighter. I don't believe there would be any survivers 😞

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  6. We're in business! This is the day #1 of the Ju 88 STGB, but we in Finland have Father's Day tomorrow. Our son is here for the weekend, occupying my workbench with his laptop (and/or a Playstation). Thus I will probably not get to build anything before tomorrow evening after he's left back to Tampere.

    For everyone, have a nice group build! V-P

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  7. But Rich, why I yesterday replaced my top end votes with support to the bottom end candidates, it wasn't for the Bunfight's sake but just to keep you occupied with the charts :giggle:.


    Seriously, as I have little if any interest in the group build subjects ranging from the 7th to the 14th spots at this moment, I could shuffle and re-shuffle my votes without affecting my 2023 group build schedule. But, as I know they are of great interest and importance to many of us, I would not allow myself to touch those that are hanging on the edge. V-P

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  8. 1 hour ago, JOCKNEY said:


    Not yet, suggestions gratefully received. 


    Initial thoughts were something based on this



    Cheers Pat 


    1 hour ago, Enzo the Magnificent said:

    I like it!  :thumbsup:

    The name fits the GB fine - but I'd be damned to click that link and listen to the bloody earworm again, I got too much of it back then... but all the girls wanted to hear it, so what could any proper teenage-boy do then but play it if... etc :winkgrin:


    Edit: Just a friendly reminder, that all those sweet Hasegawa Ju 88 kits were released well after the cut-off year of this Classic GB, so there's no need to spare your kits beyond the Junkers 88 STGB about to begin just day after tomorrow :whistle:


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  9. Bad news from the Revell Customer service. I thought I'd better be sure and try to get those A-4/C-6 kit longer wingtips for my (possible) Op. Marita A-1 build. In all the pics I've seen of the KG 51 planes they appear to have been retrofitted. Asking Revell, I got a quick but polite reply that the A-4 kit #04672 is no longer in production and they don't stock its spare parts or decals any more :sad:. I'm only happy I managed to buy three wingtip sets a few years ago, just as the A-1 kit was announced and it became clear it only has the short wings (what a shame that is). No way I'd sacrifice a complete A-4/C-6 kit just because of that. So my options are to decorate a short wing plane à la Op. Marita or go with one of the kit supplied Battle of Britain markings. :hmmm:

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  10. 52 minutes ago, 81-er said:

    They certainly did (though I'm not sure about that Polish brute). I've definitely seen Blenheims in both German & Italian markings, as well as captured P-38's and Mosquito's



    Not to mention ehem 🇫🇮, we first bought and then built more Blenheims on licence. Short and long nose variants, which I've never been at all interested in, to be honest :coolio:. V-P

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  11. 19 minutes ago, JOCKNEY said:

    Great idea, did the axis ever re-use any captured aircraft ?

    Just wondered if this good looking Polish twin could make an appearance:wicked: 




    If not there's lots of Italian twins which come to mind 


    Cheers Pat



    If it was used operationally by any of the listed nations, then yes. I think that should include use as trainers too, as long as they carried the new owner's insignia.

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  12. Dear fellow Britmodellers who have already signed in on this one: 

    @Adam Poultney @Marklo @JOCKNEY @Johnson @81-er @theplasticsurgeon @Jabba @psdavidson @Potato Pete @DaveyGair @jackroadkill @Andwil @stevehnz @Corsairfoxfouruncle @TonyOD @Arniec @Toryu @sampanzer @modelling minion @franky boy


    Would you still stick with this, and support changing the name and widening the scope of this group build proposal to


    The Axis&Co. Twins


    Eligible subjects would be aircraft used operationally by Germany, Italy, Japan, Finland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, and Croatia between 1935-1945 (no earlier, no later, no paper planes or prototypes) AND those aircraft were using two propellers (not one, not three, not four, not five, not six, but two propellers) or two jet engines.


    Please let me know if you think this is not a good idea. I think altering it would anyway be better than adding a new one. If this would be successful, maybe next year we'd continue with an Allied edition of it :hmmm:. V-P

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  13. (EDIT: Of course this doesn't help you at all in answering your original question about the Battle over Bridlington Bay 😞 )


    Hello and welcome to the Ju 88 group build too! I've read in Norwegian Luftwaffe SIG #5 "Junker Ju 88 i Norge" that not only the Zerstörerstaffel but also the Erprobungsstaffel of the KG 30 used some of the C-2 variant. The latter also, after former had been taken away to form core of a nightfighter unit. According to our Norwegian experts the C-2:s had the extended wingtips (lang rekkevidde). Erpr.St./KG 30 used the A letter usually reserved for Geschwaderstab, for example the 4D+QA they lost 10.7.1942. I must say thank you to our Norske venner for this information! V-P

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