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  1. 13 hours ago, PeterB said:

    Thanks SD,


    In some of my B&W pics the legs looked quite light so I have gone for RLM 02. As I mentioned earlier, like fitting roller blinds I have never been too good at mottling either. I am not at all artistic in nature and maybe it is due to my engineering background but I cannot for the life of me create a genuine "random pattern" of mottles or squiggles. I have no idea whether is was sprayed, hand brushed, or just slapped on with a mop but this is the best I could do.


    I will leave it 24 hours to dry before masking it up and painting the black undersides. I might try Nato Black for a change.



    It looks very good, I'd be happy to do as good job myself. V-P

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  2. Please read this first:



    Not just the D-Day and Normandy campaign, or the Bagration, but also the 4th Strategic Offensive of the Red Army in 1944. A fascinating but horrible summer war with more twists and turns than you'd expect. Initial breakthrough and rapid advance of the Soviets behind fleeing, chaotic Finnish troops for the first dozen or so days. Solidifying Finnish defence in a series of local victories as Soviets lose their focus and spread their assault searching for weak points, meaning another dozen days of heavy fighting along the stretched front. The decisive fortnight, when Finns blunt the Soviet main assault for good on the Karelian Isthmus and cause major losses on the attacker in the Ladogan Karelia.

    If you find the plot intriguing, let me introduce the players:


    The USSR with anything domestic made like the LaGG-3, La-5, Yak-9, Il-2, Pe-2, DB-3, T-34, KV-1, JS-1 (or -2?) and Lend-Leasers like the P-39, P-40, B-25, A-20, and more...


    The Finns with anything they could get in their hands, like the Brewsters, Blenheims, Morane-Saulniers, P-36:s, Bf 109:s, Do 17:s, Ju 88:s, Pe-2:s, Stug III:s and T-34:s (and more...)


    The Germans with Ju 87 D:s, Bf 109 and Ju 188 recce, FW 190 A:s and F:s, Stug and StuH III:s and even the b****y Prinz Eugen!


    I know it competes from the same slot in time than the D-Day anniversary, but as the Armistice between Finland and the USSR began in early September, this could start in early May, when the Soviets began assembling their forces for the offensive.


    So how about something new from the Eastern Front, for a change? V-P

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  3. :oops:

    I may have used the term hanger queen carelessly! That build by @Army_Air_Force is legendary, fabulous model building! But, I don't wish to go that route; I won't go the way of patched up bombers á la Frenchy's Folly or Little Miss Mischief either. I will only try to bash together two big kits to correct my previous mistakes in building them. The result, I wish, will look like a model of an off-the-shelf mid-production Boeing built G-model Fortress (unstaggered waist and a Cheyenne tail, which rules out most early -44 Vega builts). So one from the late -35 to -45-BO:s. The Academy build was started as 42-97265 MS*P "hell's angel" (sic), and if this goes out as planned that she'll most likely become too. The Hasegawa build just went wrong. I ended up decorating my Matchbox GB build as the Century Note. V-P


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  4. 1 hour ago, VolkerR. said:

    The problem with the overwide glass part of the cockpit can be fixed easily: Assemble the cockpit and close the fuselage, but do not glue the cockpit floor on both fuselage sides. Then you insert a small piece of plastic between the floor and the wall. This way you widen the cockpit. Check with the glass part and correct if necessary.






    A very nice 188, Volker! That aerial, well, I just say "wow" as I'm lost for words. V-P

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  5. More details of this later, but the plot is: I have a started, ruined and thus stalled Academy B-17G kit. I ruined its wings in trying to improve them, ever heard of such happening before? I also have a started, ruined and thus stalled Hasegawa B-17G kit. I ruined its fuselage in trying to improve it, ever etc... See where I'm maybe going with these hangar queens:winkgrin: V-P

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  6. 2 minutes ago, Col. said:

    I'm thinking they will both be better suited to a follow-up Middle East GB.

    I agree with you 100%

    D***n stupid me, I didn't re-read the opening post before posting this one - and when I joined, I believe it wasn't this precise yet :winkgrin:

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  7. On 18/11/2022 at 21:15, Thom216 said:

    The recent accident in Dallas has got me thinking about an idea for a GB.

    Lost Warbirds.

    Anybody willing to build a tribute Nine-O-Nine or Texas Raiders is more than welcome to join the B-17 STGB to do that 🙂. V-P

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  8. 1 hour ago, Mjwomack said:

    Kuta started? Crap I'm even further behind now 🤣. Oh it's ok. I've a day to get ready to kuta 

    I have some builds in my track record that I managed to not get finished even in a KUTA... you can't do worse than that :giggle:

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  9. I want to build one of the off-the-shelf stock and standard P-51D fighter planes the USAAF 8th AF Scouting Force used. The actual recce element was the pilot, not his airplane. They were experienced, tour expired lead bomber pilots who flew ahead of bomber formations to determine weather conditions over the target, and if found unfavourable, directed the bomber stream to secondary or targets of opportunity. V-P

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  10. 16 hours ago, arfa1983 said:

    Is a Me410 in Soviet markings an Axis Twin or a Allied Twin?


    1 hour ago, 81-er said:

    Axis, as it's a captured aircraft rather than one bought by the Soviets :)


    No, no way there'd be any builds with red stars in the Axis & Co. GB! Its rules say nothing of the origins of the plane, but "Eligible subjects would be aircraft used operationally by Germany, Italy, Japan, Finland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, and Croatia". I can't see the Soviet Union mentioned in that list! On the other hand, e.g. a Luftwaffe Potez 63 or an Ilmavoimat Pe-2 would both be welcome! V-P


    I try to list my plans too:


    Classic Japanese: Need to shop a kit. Plans exist.

    Recce and Scouting: KP Spitfire Mk.XI and a P-51D (need to shop a Tamiya kit)

    Draken: Hobby 2000 J-35FS

    Transport, Loaders & Carriers: Academy GMC 2 1/2 tonner, but I got several airfield vehicle kits if I get enthusiastic!

    Leopard: ?

    Southern Europe: Yes, but need to shop something (Academy or Revell Red Tails P-51B if nothing else)

    Here Comes The Fleet: Sword Seafire IIc

    B17: a B-17...

    Desert: ?

    P47: Revell P-47M

    KUTA: Too many eligible builds to even list... and more to come :rofl2:



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  12. This is the GB Chat thread, so I'll use it in that. As a quite dedicated 1:72 scale builder, mostly only due to space rectrictions, I can't help being very jealous for the ICM and various reboxer's Ju 88 kits available. Never mind the decal schemes, as most of us use aftermarket sets or can bash various sets in various ways, byt the plastics... we (the one-to-seventyseconders) are SO close to having most of it too, if only Revell would box all the A-1 and A-4 parts in one and same kit, and A-1 and C-6 too. But no, they don't.


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