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  1. The Ju 88 FTGB has so far not had a co-host. You're in there as a builder already, care to notch up to hosting duties too? I may not be the most typical host, and far from the best tutor... but the job is there for you to grab if you like it. :cheers:


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  2. 1 hour ago, stevehnz said:

    Not sure how this slipped under my radar but hope that I may be allowed to partake from the Antipodes,there is a something from either Belgium, Denmark, Germany or Norway able to be done.


    Welcome and no worries Steve, still plenty of time before the take-off! I'm sure you wrote that "either-or" accidentally instead of "and" :giggle:. V-P

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  3. ...Just like the groups of Flying Fortresses grinding forward on those unescorted deep penetration raids to Reich airspace in 1943;  imagine all that Jagdwaffe in the air, more and more Staffeln circling the bomber formations to gain altitude and then relentlessly attacking head on from twelve o'clock high...


    Oh, didn't anyone mention there's a B-17 STGB in the Bunfight :winkgrin: :giggle: :innocent:

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  4. On 17/08/2022 at 14:43, PhantomBigStu said:

    Thanks to others for comments re the finish, think I will mix some metal medium in with the orange, had bad experience applying it over a paint.  As for the decals, they provide the all the dark shapes, a few of the black bits and the rest you paint. It’s just arrived 98542483-7-F86-4-BBB-B2-AF-298-F4-EB3193

    I think I remember :hmmm: a Britmodeller member building the Lion, using some Ford Focus orange metallic rattle can paint. Check that out. Oh, I saw her perform in 2011. As stunning as in the ground show. V-P

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  5. So, this ´71 kit comes with the Air Grabber hood seal and flap actuator for an oval, six-barrel air cleaner (in sprue pic 3, below the deck spoiler) but has a flat hood and a single four barrel with a round air cleaner. That underhood piece is something that I have been missing from the ´70 GTX/Road Runner kits that DO have the power bulge hood with Air Grabber and a six-barrel setup, but nothing to seal them together! V-P

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  6. :giggle:

    All that Op. Market Garden GB chat got me thinking, which is rare but always frightening, that I might want to join the Leopard STGB  with a "Panther"-Leo I from the "A Bridge Too Far". It shouldn't be too difficult, if it was not taken too seriously (me? serious?) :wink:

    So, please sign me in, Craig! V-P


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