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  1. Hi Pete I hope you'll get better soon! There was a canvas liner around the wheel well. Wheel well base - or top? - was the other side of the wing panel, thus painted metal only (in RLM 02 originally - repainted planes may have that changed to wing underside color). With RLM 76 lowers, RLM 02 is quite safe bet for the wheelwells and gear leg throughs. Wheel hubs were painted black, but became rather dusty due to our unpaved airfields, so weather them accordingly. V-P
  2. @nearsightedjohn in my opinion, with or without the air inlets this would be very welcome to the Group Build Gallery. Those huge Holleys deserve to be seen . V-P
  3. You could read through my stalled triple G-2 Mersu build here It has some general background for all Finnish G-2:s. V-P
  4. Way back nearly a hundred years ago, Mercedes cars got a short nick name "Mersu" better suited to us Finnish speakers, as our language is not rich with words containing letters C, D and Z (and F, Q, W and Z). When Messerschmitt airplanes became famous, the short name was already there to be deployed again. I found the idea of a relation to word "mercenary" quite fascinating . V-P
  5. Funny, but I have already done that at the WW2 aircraft discussion section . My bookshelf probably has the answers for Finnish Mersu questions, but not for correcting the unknown to me Hasegawa kit. V-P
  6. Got tired of trying to do miracles with the Cobra Jet, after all, my modelling skills and patience are notoriously short. So I didn't remove the paint, just added more layers I add two "build" pics if you promise you won't zoom and then laugh at them, at least in public . I may add some decals tonight or then not. Anyway, next pics in the Gallery, I hope. V-P ( COYI) Edit: Ok, just one more pic here!
  7. I confess I've grown to hate most of the so called Classic Kits. Not my cup of tea. Just opened the plastic bag of a kit originating in 1962, fondled the parts and took a good look at them, sighed and tucked the box furthest back in the stash... probably never daring to start building it . But it was not a Monogram kit, so I'm looking forward to this one
  8. Tony, I'm sure you know there'll be the Classic Monogram-Revell GB next year. Just a thought... your collection seems to miss the blue GT350R with white stripes
  9. As I'm a father too, I can understand that you were reluctant to do that . More seriously, the shelved builds can be brought back when the spirit returns. Let's wait and see that happens. V-P
  10. Let's put the brakes on this one now. We have 22 out of the required 25 members to go to the bunfight. With a Nordic GB going on for the rest of this year, those who wish to do so have an opportunity to build Drakens in it - and many do so too, there are six of them. Thus the next year might be too soon, and we should aim for the next year's bunfight and a 2023 STGB slot instead? V-P
  11. My PO°S Lancaster is lonely. I think she'd enjoy if a Dambuster would join her company, so please add me to the list. V-P
  12. Meow, says one of the cats How about 5 months back-to-back, with January and December "free"? V-P
  13. I wait for the day l see your BM username has been changed to PonyW Love your builds, buildthreads and all... in this GB and all the others. V-P
  14. I like the calendar as it is now, status quo. It's true that the summertime here on the northern hemisphere may not be the most productive model building season, but on the other hand there are a zillion things competing with model building time and messing up schedules in the dark and wet last two months of the year too. I tend to start more builds in the early months of the year than I manage to finish them, that's a fact. Thus, I like the few months and the KUTA to clear the desk, drawers and most importantly my mind in the end of the year. V-P
  15. Beautiful Hawk, Ray, enjoy the flight and the views (I was down there watching back then). V-P
  16. Isopropanol it shall be, then. Thanks Tony for the tip. If the CJ will reach the finish line next sunday, I'm pretty sure she won't be a white Tasca Ford!
  17. Oh ****. How do I remove completely the unsuccessfully sprayed Tamiya paint from my kit? By sanding? Noooo!!! So how, with brake fluid?
  18. According to a well known database https://www.scalemates.com/kits/matchbox-pk-1-hawker-fury--147812 in 1972. Edit: Forget what's above! You were asking for date, not just year
  19. Last look at "the colorful interior parts" Now very little of the rainbow remains visible Just testing her "beast mode" here - the Hermans are still attached to sprues which will act as painting handles - but the MG-FF is already cemented in place Now I think I must go and paint a Mustang, a Ford Mustang . V-P
  20. Dear fellow Britmodeller Group Build proposers, of which I am one of too, running a campaign in a last minute to gather the required number of members to reach the November Bunfight: The GB you're promoting may feel like the best ever, but (and there's always the butt in the bumfight) there are already 19 candidates running for the 9 - or only 7? - slots for 2022! Remembering the new rule of no "byes" for 2023, wouldn't it pay to cool off a bit and aim for next year instead? I have decided that none of "my" proposals will be resurrected if and when they don't make it. "Bye bye" to them, room for the newcomers please V-P
  21. Herr Junkers was pleasantly surprised to see his old twin brother friends called Hermanns drop by and have their mutual friend mister Oerlikon from Switzerland with them too.
  22. Hi, my name is V-P and I assemble plastic kits. My second hobby is to admire the people who build models... like Torbjörn
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