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  1. 10 years as a Britmodeller member today :yahoo:. My performance is surprisingly low, though, less than 1,5 posts a day :giggle:. Thank you all for great companionship! Regards, V-P

  2. My heart is still with the brave Ukrainians, but I wanted to restore my old profile pic!

  3. Oh dear, I just counted I have 4 proposals in the GB Bunfight and 5 more in the GB Chat... When will I learn to :shutup:? Silly me :headbang: 

  4. A very happy Independence day to you, my beloved ūüíĖ¬†Finland ūüáęūüáģ.¬†103 years in your clock now, still you never looked and felt better than today. ūü•≥

    1. JOCKNEY


      Congratulations V-P, I'm sure you will be raising a glass or 2 to celebrate.  :cheers:

      Cheers Pat 

    2. vppelt68


      Thanks Pat, I think I'll now raise the third on behalf of You :thumbsup:

  5. Happy Birthday my dear Finland @ 102 years today :yahoo:

    1. JOCKNEY


      Congratulations you look much younger ūüėČ

  6. A postal¬†workers strike, most likely lasting at least two weeks, began today and truly messes things up for Finnish modellers. I have a lot of stuff on its way but don¬īt know when I¬īll get in this case...¬†

    1. JOCKNEY


      Hi V-P

      Sorry to hear that, however it might be an opportunity to do some finishing in the KUTA GB.

      Cheers Pat

    2. vppelt68


      Haha, thanks Pat, there¬īs also a trio of Kittyhawks and a Camaro to be finished during the next two weeks, first, to prevent them becoming KUTA subjects¬†:rofl:¬†.

  7. Air Show weekend! Do :bounce: I :bounce: need :bounce:to :bounce: say :bounce: more :bounce: about :bounce: how :bounce: I :bounce: feel :bounce: ? 

  8. Coming to London on a four day trip including Hammers vs. Spurs on saturday, Hendon and Hannants on sunday :yahoo:. V-P

  9. Welcome 2018! The first thing to do this new year will be to restore my status as a plastic modeller vs. a model railroader, which took the better part of me and my spare time in the latter half of 2017. How to do that? I think tackling a pair of Bf 109:s in some GB:s will take care of it :thumbsup:

    Happy New Year everyone!

    1. jrlx


      Happy New Year VP! We're still more than two hours away from 2018 here in Portugal.






    2. vppelt68


      Actually... We're still 5 minutes short of midnight in Finland too, I just wrote my resolution a bit early!

  10. Happy 99th Independence Day, Finland! Let's celebrate!

    1. CurrantBunbury


      Happy Independence Day! :yahoo:

  11. What a month! Our daughter moved out (read: me fixing the new apartment prior to, then making The Move, fixing a lot of things¬†after the move, then at home moving her younger¬†brother to the vacated room, fixing the room vacated by him TO BE MY HOBBYROOM :D¬†(and a guestroom too, but a hobbyroom is a hobbyroom). Not¬†to mention¬† the hassle caused by the car accident,¬†with fortunately¬†only¬†material damage, that forced me to seek and buy a replacement car for my wife (not her fault, btw).¬†Add several day-long work trips and you get quite a busy schedule. So finally last night I found an hour to advance my vic of Mediterranean Spitfires - Life¬īs Good again B)¬†V-P




  12. Why are we reading announcements of new MiG and Su kits almost every day - and even Klimov- engined Kittyhawk trainer conversions- but no Yak-9:s? Is the industry blind, stupid or both?

    1. John Thompson

      John Thompson

      I absolutely agree (especially in 1/72), and I've been annoying people here and elsewhere for years, decades even, by saying exactly the same thing!

    2. Darby


      It's usually yet another Spit, 109, P51 etc

    3. Martin @ RAM Models

      Martin @ RAM Models

      So strange. In the R/C world there are a number of kits and plans for the 9 yet in plastic land it is an almost glaring omission. I wonder why ?

  13. It¬īs -20 degrees centigrade. If it gets any colder I¬īll have to start using long underpants...

    1. Brad


      That's cold enough to freeze your balls off your billiards table!

    2. Steve Coombs

      Steve Coombs

      Run out of Micromesh? ;-)

    3. SleeperService


      One of my co-workers came to work in a T-shirt last monday, just back from -18 Slovakia. Keep warm.

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