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  1. I am sorry to leave Britmodeller. The moderators here don't seem to like my posts announcing my new stuff. Laurent
  2. Before someone says anything, I must admit I'm not happy with the doors and cockpit but I had to adjust them to the Heller kit. Laurent
  3. Dear Jeff, I designed the Air France A320 retrojet for Heller (it is included in their latest release) so I can scale it down to 1/144 (Heller's A320 is 1/125). However it will be laser-printed and you will lose all the white details. This particular livery really needs silk-screening because of the white areas. However, silk-screening requires large quantities, which the Air France retrojet would probably not justify. This presumably explains why nobody offers it. PM me if you're still interested in a laser-printed version. Laurent
  4. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the DC-10 (But Were Afraid to Ask) is here: http://www.airlinercafe.com/page.php?id=392 Laurent
  5. Beautiful story. I enjoyed reading it even though it is based on a sad event. The Bristol Brabazon was registered G-AGPW, not 'BW. Laurent
  6. Congrats Ben on this model. It looks gorgeous. I know you had a hard time building it as you asked me to supply spare parts and decals, but it was well worth the effort (and I feel a bit proud too because, hey, I designed and produced it!) Laurent
  7. Western mainly had B's but they also had three non-B's. They got them when they took over Pacific Northern.
  8. Paul: F-DCAL does a 707. Surely they can modify it into a 720? http://www.f-dcal.fr/decals/product.php?id_product=897 Laurent
  9. There's the Welsh one: http://www.airlinercafe.com/photo_6563.details.large There's also a 707 that surely can be used: http://www.airlinercafe.com/photo_6441.details.large
  10. Why is everyone obsessed by one person's judgement? With all respect due, Jennings is not the only one having reviewed Roden's 720 and other people's opinions are just as valid as his. I don't understand why so many seem to be swearing by his words.
  11. Too bad. I'm sure you could have sold it. Or kept some of its parts for a conversion. Surely the wings can be used to make a 707-120B, or even a -120 or -220 if you remove the glove? Laurent
  12. Or put it this way, we betray our old age.
  13. There are three versions of the Minicraft 707. -320 with JT4A engines -420 with Conways -320B/C with JT3Ds No JT3Cs I'm afraid. I don't know how accurate the engines are or if they could be used to make convincing JT3Cs. Laurent
  14. Here's a Britannia review: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234914551-bristol-britannia-boac/ Laurent
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