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  1. I've managed to get a Platz RQ-4N kit modified to resemble an MQ-4 Triton, and a P-8 in the same scale would make a nice comparison.
  2. I've got mine in hand. Shipping was interesting, as it sat in Kiev for about three weeks before popping up as having left. They are now available through Sprue Brothers, and if I were buying another one I'd try them first. Forward fuselage is split R/L, aft is split R/L/bottom. No bomb bay internals. If I'm reading the instructions right, this kit can be built with gear up or down. Overall, it looks like a decent level of detail, but I'd have some strips of plastic handy to reinforce the join between the forward and aft fuselage - it's a butt join, and I suspect will have some issues. Cockpit is surprisingly detailed, considering that you won't see much when it's closed up. Nothing aft of the cockpit, though. Comes with 4 Harpoons. Markings for one RAAF aircraft and one VX-1 bird. Pity...I'd have preferred a VX-20 aircraft, but I'm sure there will be aftermarket decals.
  3. I suspect that the molds will be sold or leased eventually, but it makes sense to dispose of the remaining WNW stock before doing so. Sell them off, let the feeding frenzy die down, let the prices go back up as kits get built...then put the molds on the market. I'd figure three to four years.
  4. Thunderous applause! Hopefully an HMS Lion will be close on its heels. May I ask who has it for sale?
  5. The first in three years? I'd bet money on Tamiya making an announcement there.
  6. I've ordered two. One for me...the other may find itself in the display case at the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School.
  7. An MQ-4C Triton! (although a Block 10 Global Hawk would offer a lot more variety in markings) Seriously, a 1/72 P-38 would be logical. A new-mold Centurion, perhaps?
  8. I'll get one...but expect that I might organize a group order for VX-24.
  9. I've got one on order...it'll be interesting to see how it goes together. If it's half decent, I might organize a group order for VX-20.
  10. I'm wondering if the M249 will have markings for the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School. They got three for use in the Airborne Systems curriculum, used them in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Overall white with an orange stripe.
  11. I'm in for one, even if I have to scratch-build the USNTPS glider tow kit.
  12. I have to agree with the doubters. I'm sure they'll do a fine job, but one has to wonder what the market is.
  13. One in U.S. Naval Test Pilot School colors would be nice. I can scratchbuild the glider tow hook.
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