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  1. This is exactly what I love about this forum. Firstly, an exceptionally well built model. I am, once again, in absolute awe. The detail is incredible. Secondly, the learning curve. That metal foil boiled with eggshells for the "tempered and weathered" look: Actual genius! I would never have thought of that. It looks fantastic too! Bravo! Bravo! ~M~
  2. Stunning! Your models never fail to amaze me, Fuad! Truly! Best Regards, ~M~
  3. Thanks mate! I'll need to start experimenting soon!
  4. That looks fantastic! I've really been meaning to expand into aviation art. Makes sense really, i love sketching and modelling Only ever done portraits until now though.
  5. Fantastic model! Something about the registration rang an alarm bell in my head and, after a bit of digging, I now know why. I read the accident report for this aircraft way back in 2000 when on a tea break while working Gibraltar ops (it was on the coffee table. Howzat for memory, eh?). Also, amusingly, while digging for this aircraft, i found this picture from the 80's of the subject aircraft. I won't post the image as I don't want to risk a warning point on a family server/forum. So i'll post this link with the caveat that if you're overly-easily offended, you may choose not to follow the link (it appeals to my humour though) --> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v482/phyjrdb1/biggles_zpsick8atxr.jpg
  6. I don't think i have any criticism! Instead i'm inspired to try a similar idea for a stand for a devastator i have in the stash! Lovely build, Sir! ~M~
  7. I can only echo the thoughts of others here. Especially with the sentiment that I think that you are being a bit hard on yourself! I can honestly say that my third build didn't look as good as your model! And yes, mistakes were made, c'est la vie. We are all still learning, each and every one of us. As for advice, i'd just say keep practicing; keep enjoying it. That's the bottom line, isn't it? Your paintwork is far smoother than i could achieve with a brush. And that's a promise! Kind Regards, Muppet
  8. Outstanding!! And such well executed finishes
  9. Thank guys! Arf, yes. Very typical. It was only a few months ago that I saw some Dan Air London decals for a DC-3. I promptly bought them and made up an Italeri kit (I love classic civil airliners). Then, only once i'd finished, did i find out that Airfix make one with new tools and decals. Typical indeed!
  10. I hadn't realised there was a smiley for it! Budge up.. i'll join you :worthy:
  11. Very nice build! (And my money is on the light blue) ~M~
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