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  1. Great review if I can ever get the cash I want one if these. Humans didn't build the Cylons in BSGTOS, a race of lizards called Cylons did. The robot Cylons killed thier builders and started enslaveing other races. The humans didn't come from Earth, the 12 plus the people of Earth came from the home of the gods Colbal(SP).
  2. Yes I and a couple of others gave some ideas for your five/six engined 177.
  3. I know it's been a long time for any thing on this thread. That said I believe it was very early this year, we were taking some wifi stuff over at Starship Modeler and someone posted a link to your photoshop zwilling. Your work shows up in some very different places.
  4. Yes, the Big Boy is the old Monogram kit.
  5. They were US aircraft so they would have used US gallons when mixing paint.
  6. Yes, the old well it's shaped like a monkey, it walks like a monkey, so it must be a spastic duck. I have seen this in books on armor many times. I have a book that every time it shows a Panzer 2 D the writer says its a Panzer 38 T, and I have a book on the Panzer 3 that has a really good head on shot of a Panzer 4 B in Greece but he says it's a Panzer 3. Have a book that has a great cutaway drawing of a B-17F but the call it a B-17G. The printer admitted the mistake in the next book. Its a hard back copy of Military Quarterly. And I have at least one book that calls a A-36 Apache a P-51 B, even though you can see the 20mm guns clearly, and the wing air-breaks.
  7. The UH1D kit had miniguns.
  8. I think that wing is a little burnt.
  9. I have never seen this, but have seen photos of Japanese aircraft used by Communist Chinese forces.
  10. bigh827

    Matchbox Re boxing

    With longhorns can be both, but the bull is normally bigger.
  11. bigh827

    Matchbox Re boxing

    Depends on the breed of cow. Texas Longhorns as we call them here can have horns that are over 12 feet (about 4 meters) from tip to tip.
  12. bigh827

    Matchbox Re boxing

    It gets me how some of their kits are total dogs, but others, still stand up to modern kits. I still will buy these at shows, and have the double French tank, and Churchill bridge layer in Matchbox and Revell boxes. Both kits are very nice, the Panther and Jagpanther I have both, are not very good at all, more like war gaming kits.
  13. Some place in my Luft 46 kits, a zwilling version of the Messerschmidt piston engine fighter that was to replace the 109, you have followed many of the design shapes used in it. To get to America this would probable take off from the back of a BV 222 seaplane. The landing gear would only be used for training and test flights. Or when used for long range sea patrols. When taking off from the ground I could see this using RATO packs.
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